Alexander Noot has been with iKC for quite a while.  A member that we knew as a collecotr and now appreciate as a Knife Maker

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This "Little Undertaker" was recently sent to a customer.

It's a carbon steel blade and the handle scales are Wengé wood.

Here's the rest of the "little undertakers"

There will be two more coming before I'm completely done with this series. So far I've done

3 in 52100 steel with a black coating.

1 regular in Wengé (see above) and 1095 steel.

2 FUBAR versions one with white Corian and one with Cocobolo

3 Niolox stainless of which

one with hand polished satin blade and Stabilised spalted Sycamore

One with machine ground finish and Dragonsbreath Micarta

One machine ground with stabilised Oak.

Ultra lightweight Little Undertaker.

52100 ball bearing steel with a black powdercoating.

3" blade, 4" handle

Full flat ground with a razors edge.

Leather horizontal carry sheath that can be worn either left or righthanded.

$100 including worldwide shipping.

That ultra Lightweight version is SOLD. But I'll happily make you another one if you like :-)

In the mean time, here's another one I still DO have available.

AEB-L Stainless steel Utility knife.

(For those of you who don't know AEB-L Stainless, it was developed for razor blades and is basically a stainless steel that behaves like a carbon steel when it comes to sharpening and such.)

Rockwell 59 hardened with Cryo (Cryo improves toughness and edge retention)

Stabilised American Walnut scales, pinned with stainless steel pins.

Righthanded carry sheath in leather.

Satin ground finish.

$185 shipped worldwide

By request I do a re-handle job every now and then. So far I've done two. One on a Puma IP (chinese puma's) and most recently a Fallkniven S1.

Now I wasn't impressed with the puma (I was impressed with the handle job I did on it though, it turned out very nice in stabilised walnut as opposed to the mystery wood that was originally on it) but I AM impressed with the Fallkniven. Man what a nice blade. I now understand why they go for a lot of money.

Here's some pictures:

I made a video of my "Little Undertakers" and a utility knife that I made a while back.

Just a quick reminder. Most of those little undertakers are still available. They're awesome little EDC knives and the ambidextrous sheaths also carry very well in the pocket for when you need to be a little more stealthy with your knife.

Check out what I have in stock at my website: http://www.lxblades.com/#!current/cbm9

I'll sell you any of the Little Undertakers at a 33% discount and anything else at 25% discount.


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