С.Friedrich Ern, Ern-Rasiermesserfabrik

Trade marks.











Arrangement: Germany, the city of Solingen, area Vald, since 1935 was on Itterbergerstrasse, in 1939-86 on Wittkullerstrasse, 51


Year of the basis: 1873


Date of registration: on December, 4th 1874, Solingen


Trade marks: ERN (1896 No.19889), Protector (1897 No.21043), S ESSEX (1898 No.29038), BARBERS PET (1898 No.29634), Primus (1903 No.60076), ATOR (1903 No.60972), The Crown and Sword Razor (No. 109223), Army and Navy, America del Sud, Balance, Bank, Bar, Barden, The Boss, Bur, Cuba, Electro Taban Magnetic, Ern A.-Z., Ern 1166, Ernovo, Em Junior, Ernette, Es-Ex, Farwood, Flaggen, Generale Ameglio, Gong Razor, Gorki, Janissaire, Junk, Justrite, Ka. Ci. Be., The Kid, King George, Knight Commander of the Bath, Kuroki, Laborista, Le Mondain, Lerne, leiste, Liliput, Little Dorrit, Master, Master of Arts, Master of Science, The Michaelin, Mickiewicz, Moustafa Kemal Pascha, The Mussel Razor, Niazi, Nodzu, Oxama, Palmerston, Peer, Perfecto, Persian, Platypus, Put, Raccoon, Roosevelt Razor, Ski, Strandbad, Schwert (sword), Sim-Mart, Suneo, Turban, Tur-ban, Waldern, Waldoo, Wee Macgreggor, Zeibek, Zepp, Barbersone, Bessimar, A. v. Humboldt, А.Newton & Sons A.D.1786 (1910-1912), Craftsman, Nohon


Trade marks: a crown and a curve turkish sabre (1896 No.13429); a cockleshell (1898 No.34089); a duck-bill (1899 No.38948); an eagle with the snake (1897 No.21927); a small eagle with the snake (1898 No.28614); the moon (month), small branch with leaves and letters KP on a board (1898 No.34090); an eagle and inscription ERN (No. 160751); the crossed flags under a crown (No. 173697); a card of Cuba (No. 178129); a card of South America and marks America del Sur (No.182505); a well and word PUT (No. 185152); a crown, a curve turkish sabre and an inscription 1166 (No.294584); a curve turkish sabre under inscription PERSIAN (No.298487); a curve turkish sabre (No.298488), a head in a turban


Export mark: Army and Navy (1899 No.36364) 


Wartime code (the code of a wartime): hfu, it is appointed in 1941 factory With Friedr. Ern Metallwarenfabrik, Solingen-Wald, Schliessfach 71


The historical information

    Firm C Friedrich ERN, Wald Solingen is one of the best, the oldest in Solingen and the most known manufacturers of open razors.

    The company has arisen from small grinding service near to Haan, in Ernenkotten where Carl Wilhelm Ern has employed to itself the master-polisher on surname Voos.

    Officially grinding service worked since 1848, and larger buildings in which Carl Wilhelm worked with four sons have been constructed. One of them, Nathanael Ern (1822-1878), was successful grinder, but with 1860 it made production only for greater enterprises, including for Henckels Zwillingswerk. In Ernenkotten at Nathanael Ern its senior son Carl Friedrich Ern (1850-1924) who subsequently and has glorified firm C Friedrich ERN.


Nathanael Ern

Carl Friedrich Ern in 1865 has begun training at the father. Already at early age it has started to do tableware, including for Johann Abraham Henckels. Possessing talent in the business, in 1873 it has adjusted own manufacture of open razors. For maintenance of high quality of production in Kotten it establishes own smithy and heat treat service.


Carl Friedrich Ern

Work in grinding service in Haan did not stand on seat, and eventually there were new ways of processing of metal. Polishing of concavities Hohlschleifen, polishing of concavities Pliesten1 and polishing of razors have been finished to a special level of skill and the highest quality, in particular in families Ern and Linder.


Schleifmaschine "Hexe"

Business went most advantageously, and per 1876 the enterprise has moved in Wald, Solingen.


    In an interval between 1880 and 1910 company exported many thousand razors to the USA, using a brand ' Crown and Sword Razor Works'.


    In 1902 firm has won a gold medal in Düsseldorf, in 1904 grand prix at in C-Lui, in 1910 grand prix at in Bruxelles and in 1911 same award in Milan.


Within 1914-18 very good fighting knifes with marks ERN above inscription Wald, Rheinl have been made many. Knifes were marked the same as razors.


    In 1921 firm has got factory Turban-Scherenfabrik Muller and Co. And after that made razors at factory Turban-Scherenfabrik, using their trade mark « a head with a turban ».


In 1922 the firm has brought three factories in advertisements: factory on manufacturing open razors (Rasiermesserfabrik) in Wald, Solingen; factory on manufacturing belts (Streichriemenfabrik) in Wald, Solingen; and factory on manufacture of scissors (Scherenfabrik) in Solingen.

 Ernenkotten mit Obergraben, 1928

Schleifraum im Ernenkotten, 1928

During board of the Third Reich the firm was not engaged in manufacturing of knifes, but on HJ a knife there was mark ERN, Solingen and a crown with ятаганом. Pocket knifes also were branded by trade mark ERN. To 1940 firm represented only two trading marks: « a crown and short asian sword» and « an eagle with the snake ».


    In 1939 owners have been recorded With Friedrich Ern younger and Richard, Отто and Fritz Ern.


The factory exists till now, its contact information: 1A Carl Friedrich Ern Versand GmbH, z. Hd. Frau Giannou, Wittkuller Straße, 51, 42719, Solingen, tel. 0212/38070.



    1 Pliesten - the word «pliesten» is, possibly, transformation become obsolete «pließen», an early writing «plyßen». In old documents it is spoken, that from «plyßmoelen» it was formed «pleißmühlen» and «plyßampt». Those who was engaged «Plyßen» referred to «Plyßer», but there are also "polyßer." Merlot, "Sasworter" in Cologne, historical analogies "Association Niederrhein", 48 Notebook, Cologne 1889, p. 177: ' A strange similarity to the French word "polisseur", "polisher", that it comes from the word, or at least dependent '. Similar to the word "Polish". Later, then "polyßer", "plyßer" was converted into "Pliester", and then a verb "pliesten". If vstravit′ "t" like the word is also found in Dutch: "polijster"-polisher "polijsten" and Polish '.







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