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Canal Street Knives

Our Story The satisfaction of making a perfectly designed and crafted pocket or hunting knife that is finished to heirloom quality, performs flawlessly at home or in the field has become the cree… View »

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A-Z index for Research & Resources

This section is dedicated to Sue Oldswidow, without whom we never would have put this much information together in one place.  Thank you Sue for the amazing and tireless work you… View »

James Black, The first legendary smith

January16, 2013 James Black If Vulcan, the Roman god of Fire and Metalworking, ever decided to make a trip down to earth, he would certainly have done so on the 1st of May 1800 in New Jersey.… View »


iKnife Collector Hosted by Gus Marsh Topic: Robeson Cutlery Company November 7, 2012 ROBESON CUTLERY COMPANY Millard F. Robeson founded the company, which bore his name in 1879 as a cutlery-jobbing f… View »


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

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