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I'm guessing we all have assorted garden gadgets and tools.  Not to mention soem advice on what works and what doesn't work.  Some of us may even have a few "garden tools that we collect and don't use!   Okay, maybe I have a few garden tools that I collect but rarely use -- t hose being Budding, Grafting, and Florist Knives!

What tools are you looking forward to breaking out for use in the garden?  What tools do you recommend  and what ones were epic fails?   How's that Garden Weasel working out for you?

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you know Tobias I never thought about it.  I mostly use my snippers in the garden and around but I think this year I am going to order myself an OPINEL NO8 PRUNING KNIFE WITH CARBON BLADE and work with that outside.  Will let you know how that works out!

Jan, it is obvious that I like things that are off the beaten path yet also quite practical.  The fact is there are specialty knives made for just about any industry, trade, profession, or hobby.  So it only makes sense that there would be knives for the gardener!    Depending on who you ask, a hawkbill is either a pruner, carpet knife, or linoleum cutter, or a rope knife!  But only a horticulturalist use a grafting knife!

A Victorinox 100mm Grafter.  The knife features a sheepfoot secondary and main blade that's a budding/bark-lifting blade.

Grafter along side its cousin, the Victorinox Florist knife.   The Florist features a simple sheepfoot blade.

The Grafter as compared to my 58mm Excort II w/ emergency blade (aka Wharncliffe)


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