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Wow, I collect Richards, Sheffields , I have some of the African series and the Police series but I had no idea they made a Scout, in this series of knives. They are fun to collect and are inexpensive.

I only have 1 Sheffield - a IXL Barlow - but I think they are neat vintage knives and would like more.

I am waiting on one right now. A fisherman. A large tooth pick pattern with a hook remover blade. It's from Sheffield. I think it's a Richards. I hope it is. Richards is a German company that moved to England before WWII. Their name was Richartz. They changed it to Richards after the move, in 1932.

I was debating where best to post this knife. It isn't really a Scout --  It really isn't a Hobo -- And finally it isn't really a mushroom or picnic knife.  It is a weird Russian hybrid.

Basically it is a three implement Jack knife measuring about 3.5 inches (9.1 Cm) with a clip, two tine fork, and mushroom/bottle opener blade.  At least the last blade looks like a mushroom cutting blade!  I suppose it could also be a small gutting blade. 

Either way it just seemed way cool.  The build is so-so with the liners and springs not  forming a smooth spine surface and the Bakelite/compositon scales also seeming to be slightly misaligned. But theie is no complain on the walk and talk or blade alignment.  Everything is tight and works smoothly.  So fit and Finish is little sloppy but otherwise a good solid knife

I suspect from the "Stainless Russia" stamp on the back that the knife was made for and sold in the old Russian Tourist Stores.

main blade and fork are 2.75 inches (7 cm) the cutting edge on the sickle like Mushroom/gutting blade is  1.25 inches (3 cm)

WOW Tobias, never saw one like that before, very unique/unusual. And cool.

The bolster has some type of flower stamped into it.  I'm wondering if the fork is a type of  repair tool similar to divot tool  golf knives. It could very well be some type of horticulture knife but I've never seen a horticulture knife with a clip blade. And the tines look too long and thick for a good divot tool. 

(And before all those who partake in the sport chime in -- "No" I don't golf and  "Yes" I know it should be called a "Ball Mark Tool" not a divot tool.)

My first time too, real nice.

Hi Toby. That's an interesting knife. Normally I'd think that the curved blade was a foil cutter for wine but there is no corkscrew. Maybe for opening vodka or beer as there is a bottle opener.  :-) 

Or does it work as a can opener?

Hi Smiling-Knife.  That thought also crossed my mind.

Try pulling a cork with it. Call me first.

Tobias Gibson said:

Hi Smiling-Knife.  That thought also crossed my mind.

Hi Toby. Is that some sort of can opener?

This Ed Wustof is a nice solid knife.


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