A TL-29 or 27 would certainly be classified as a Knife of the Great Outdoors. Lineman used them as well as military electricians. They were and are used for good carry/work knives.

Some have collections of TL-29's so lets have their own site - right here.

Post those pics and info on this great knife.

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The Queen looks pretty neat.  I'd be interested in fiding out their production numbers on Electricians.  Don't know much about Xcelite other than it is tool company that  started in 1921  They were bought by Cooper industries in 1973.  In 2010 they were taken over by Apex Tool Group .  The nail nicks, grips and overall make up looks Camillus but it really is hard to tell for sure. I can check my Camillus sources to see if they made for them.

Thanks Tobias for the info. I had never heard of Xcelite.

Not sure if I've shown this one.  Camillus made (1970s era) Electrician. (with BOC made M7 Bayonet)

U Klein Tools Chicago USA - TL-29

Nice KaBar.   I see it is stamped.  Is that wood?    The Klein isn't too shabby either!   Good grabs, Ken!

Thanks Tobias, yes, it is wood, the TL-29 is stamped into the wood.

I don;t have a collection, just one I enjoy carrying very much. It's a Camillus brand.


       Here is a TL-29 I picked up at a antique store on the side of the road in Florida. It is made by Kutmaster and is in decent shape. I have read a little about these knives, and they were made around world war two time period.

Ricky, Looks in great shape, I like that TL 29 stamped on the side. Good find.

Ken Spielvogel said:

Has anyone heard of Xcelite - like in this TL-29?

When my father had his radio and tv repair shop most of the tools that we bought through the electronic parts suppliers were Xcelite brand.  The were high end tools with life time warranty and a lot of them were special purpose tools.

I will try to track down my TL-29's and see if I have some that aren't already listed.

Have really enjoyed looking sorry it has taken so long to post here.


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