Okay I've waited long enough.  I was hoping to get a video up on You-Tube announcing this but I haven’t had the time to do it sothat will have to wait --  I'm launching the contest now!  it is open to all current members of the group and anyone who joins the group before November 11, 2014.  I will announce the Winner that day, Veteran’s Day.  



Answer the following three questions to be entered into the contest:


1. What is your favorite folding knife to use in the Great Outdoors?


2. What is your favorite fixed blade knife to use in the Great Outdoors?


3. What will you do with the prize knives if you win them?


Post your answers to this thread for a chance to win the knives pictured above.


Basic Rules

There are no wrong answers to the questions.  The purpose is to stimulate discussion.

Feel free to post pictures with your answers.  We all love pictures of knives.

Answers need to appear in this discussion.  I'm not going to check other places.

You can enter or reply multiple times but your name will only be entered once! (Let’s face it some of us have more than one favorite Knife!) 

I'm not allowed to enter the contest.

The contest is open to any member of the group and to anyone who joins and replies in this discussion by Midnight Central Standard Time, 11:11 am Central time on 11 November 2014.

Winner will be drawn at random by me and announced sometime after 11:11 am Central time on 11 November 2014.



The Winner will then win the knives pictured plus and and probably whatever else I can cram in a flat rate shipping box!

Yes, you read this correctly!   The winner will get the knives shown plus other knives in my collection that will remain undisclosed until the winner is announced! Why?  Because I haven't made up my mind what the other knives is going to be yet!  Either way, you answer three questions about knives and you might win $25-$30 in knives.

The knives pictured are a Cabelas wide belly gut hook skinner and a Wenger advertising knife

Wide Belly Skinner: The blade is made of 7CR17MoV: A Chinese Stainless steel that is similar in quality to AUS6 stainless steel. The follwoing formula is a break down in the steel: 7CR part means it is 7% chromium and the 17MoV means .17% molybdenum  and .17% Vanadium   The handle scales are stabilized bamboo and are removable. It comes with a nice pancake style leather sheath. Cabelas sticker price was $32.

The Second knife is a Wenger Viking Advertising knife for a company called MGC (blade etch)  It does not come with  toothpick, tweezers, or key ring. They aren’t missing, it  was made with them.

As always, my disclaimers.  I will ship worldwide  but will only pay up to $10 shipping.  If shipping to your country exceeds $10 the rest of the cost is on you.  If the knife is illegal for you to own, then any legal entanglements are up to you to work out.

The skinner cut up a forzen hotdog but has otherwise not been used.  The Wenger was bout used but appears unsharpened. and should make a good EDC.

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Congratulations, Joe Mendoza!

Thanks, Tobias for offering these knives.

Congratulations Joe.
Thanks Tobias.

Well done Joe!   Another successful contest Tobias I like it!

Wow! just got in and I'm in shock canot belive it... thank you and to every one else 4 sharing those nice thoughts.. I will treasure this 4 ever.... I have never won anything!  I have a great big smile.  thanks again to every one especialy to Tobias! Special thanks to the "thenextarcher" 4 turning me on to this great community and to tobias youtube channel...! 


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