Well it has been a BugOut kind of weekend for me.

The chat got a bug and wouldn't work properly.  Many of our members are being plagued by the rains that just wont end and if you dont have a good laugh you just want to cry LOL

I prefer to laugh with good friends present!  So this week we are offering a few things you just might want in your bug out bag.  The contest is similar to last weeks. *** Come watch Knives Live with us***

When you see the knife you want to have in YOUR bug out bag, just tell me in the chat.  Hollar out!!

That is the knife I want in my bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now of course your not winning that knife but you will win all the gear in the picture.  Lets have some fun as we gear up to hunting season, spend some time together, support Knives Live and HAVE SOME FUN!!!

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Real neat prize. I have never seen a "Campers Best Friend", it looks like something nice to have on a camping trip, especially if you are traveling light.


Tha Campers Best friend specs

Stainless steel construction
·Can opener
·Bottle opener
·Lanyard hole
·Carabiner clip (non-load bearing)
·4" overall

Really does look like it would come in handy.  The pen has a small blade and a tiny flashlight

that is neat!!! I love camping! What I want those things!!!

I know it is just semantics but I really hate the term "Bug-Out Bag"

Back when I was younger and in the Mech Infantry, we used to call our emergency bag a bail-out kit and not a bug-out kit.   It was a set of items that were kept within arms reach or on your body at all times and were considered essential for survival in the event of a surprise attack or inability to reach your home base or a need to drop heavier equipment to avoid immediate death or capture.  Basically it was the stuff that you were suppose to grab when the M113 got hit with an RPG and you miraculously survived!

The term bug-out makes it sounds like you're running away from the threat of danger and hiding away from the boogie man.  At least when you bail-out you're avoiding certain death with the intention of fighting again some other day.

Tobias, I not bugging out, I'm Staying put.

and we are going to Roberts place if we need to bail LOL

Ya'll come on over, I have plenty of room.

Tobias had brought up the subject of the p-38. The reason I mention this is that the Campers Friend in this prize seems to have incorporated the p-38 in it's design. That's really something, along with a spork. This manufacturer seems to have been using their heads, on designing it. Who ever won this weeks contest, I would love a short review on the Campers Friend, if possible. Thanks.

Great, I'm in!


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