This discussion is all about the knives bearing the Colt brand.  Steve Koontz was instrumental at bring the Colt name to knives made at SMKW.  And while the bulk of the Colt knives are made in China (and some fixed blades inPakistan) Koonts also negotiated a contract with W.R. Case & Sons to have series of dual tang stamp Case/Colt knives for the Made in the USA crowd!

 So let's see some Colt knives regardless of where they are made.

I'll start off with this bad boy:  A Colt Buckshot Bone Congress.


·440A stainless steel blades with reverse frosted master blade embellishments

·Buckshot Bone handle

·Brass pins and liners

·Nickel silver "rampant colt" shield and fancy bolsters

·3-3/4" closed pocket knife

Made in China.

Truly an exceptional build and well worth the $15-$20 you'll pay for it! My pictures don't do it justice.

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A little pearl handled Colt that I had bought for my wife. Colt stag 175th anniversary bowie  

Very nice, Billy.  That little pearl knife is a beauty and that's a big hunk of stag on the Bowie!

We will see if we can combine these or I could just repost my Colt Titanium Stockman!


Forgot I had this one as well:

OK , here is the one I was thinking of, one of my favorite knives, gorgeous black bone and a silky Titanium finsih:

And then this one, a really nice two blade :

Steve, next time you forget that Stag bone four blade I think I'm going to ask if you still have that Colt 4 blade Stag bone stockman I loaned you!  That knife looks great.  Heck they all look great!  The fat spear master on the Jack is awesome!

Thanks Tobias, now you can see why I have come to like the brand . Yeah I know SMKW owns em and all and they probably come out of the same factory as Rough Rider , but for me they just seem to be so good  for an EDC. By the way have a lockback about the size of the one Billy posted but its in stag bone. Will try to get. a pic of it tomorrow.

I will look for the 4 blade..I know I have a congress from you....have to look for a Colt!

Buckshot bone is on my list as well! I love the look of those!

This is Haley's dirk. it even poked a hole in the sheath.

Debra's pink dirk


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