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All who love Puma knives are welcome!

This brand is almost 350 years old. Share your photos and stories of Puma Knives!

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Yeah, I was real lucky, I bought it mail order and had no choice.  At that time this was the only stockman listed by Puma.

I had a man at a gun show tell me it was worth no more than the newer stockman that Puma has out.  But this one came in

the yellow and green plastic box that Puma used and is a real German Puma, the new ones are assembled somewhere else, made with german parts.

I found a few more of my Puma knives.

This picture is of a 210 910 Prince.

Here is a picture of a 210 905 Duke.

Here is a picture of my 4 Star Mini.

Here is a picture of a Puma Lite Weight that is no longer produced.

I have a few more somewhere, I'll find them someday.

Here is a little Puma that snuck in.  I can't tell if the material is green bone or green stone.

It is stamped made in Germany.


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