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I have recently had an interest in learning about the equipment needed for surviving in a Bug Out situation. In learning the proper tools and equipment to have, I have also started backpacking and tent camping some. More recently, I started having an interest in bushcraft. What I have found is, there are a lot of similar tools required in each of these, especially having a decent knife. I would love to hear what any of you think about the mix of these different activities. I am still learning and having fun as I do so. I got several items for Christmas that will be used in a combination of these activities. Here are the items I got.

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Finally was able to camp out out for the second time this year. Just got back from the BHK Camp out this morning. Had a great time with old friends and made some new ones. Of course I couldn't come home without a new BHK knife. This one is a First Frontier (mini) neck knife. I thought you all might enjoy a few pics from this one also. 

Looks to have been a good time.

You know, one of the things I love about the BHK events, they always make room for the kids.  A company after my own heart they make sure the kids have an outdoor experience they will always remember

This past weekend we attended the BHK fall camp out and had a great time again. This time it was a little more relaxed with less activities (as I like it). Aside from the muggy weather and plentiful mosquitoes, it was a perfect weekend. Here are a few pics.


I love that you attend these and share with us the pics.  I recommend anyone take a long hard look at BHK for their next outdoor knife.  Regardless of what you are seeking BHK can meet that need and exceed your expectations.  I share a great respect for this company, their love of the outdoors and consistent bring it to the next generation attitude.

This is my current Get-home-bag and contents. I am always looking at changes to make. 

I like seeing these bags it gives me ideas for mine.  One thing I never though of until tonights chat was a charger, I need to add one!  One thing I do have in mine that I don't see is nail clippers and believe it of not a nail file.  It is a great way to have a small amount of sand paper for cleaning battery posts, spark plugs ect

Here is my go to, non-knife, cutting tools that I take into the woods when I go camping. 

You are set up for whatever may come your way.  I know oyu have been working on the weight of your pack, have you gotten that down any?

I have been trying to get tools that can be packed in on a hiking trip but also have larger tools for when I car camp. I think I am getting closer on both. I need to do another weigh in on the back soon. 


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