Are you addicted to flashlights? Or just want to know what we mean when we say lumins cells and bezels. then join this group now!

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Very Cool everyday LED light under 10 bucks

Posted by Terry Ray on February 26, 2014

This cool LED light i bought at a UPS store for 10 bucks but ive seen them for 8 online 

it uses 2 AAA batteries and has a life of 11 hours continues run time. 

It covers a large amount of area with light coverage. I bought them for stocking stuffers last xmas.

The Larry , the Betty (pink) made by NEBO the clip rotates and is magnetic.

I love mine and use it all the time as does Cherry

Reply by Charles Sample on February 26, 2014

I get these little flashlights free from Harbor Freight.  It has nine LED's and uses three AAA batteries.  I have no idea how many lumens but they do put out quite a bit of light.

Reply by Steve Hanner on February 27, 2014

Not too bad for $10 Terry!

Reply by Steve Hanner on April 28, 2014 

Ok this one for sure is under $10.00 how about free! Yep I won this one (and you could have 2 if you followed me on FB) The Schrade "tough" Flashlight. 

Reply by Steve Hanner on April 28, 2014 

Hope to unbox this one tomorrow but some specs from the box; 

  1. 7.2 Overall  Length
  2. 3 color LED white ,red and green
  3. white is 110 lumens
  4. red and green are 15 lumens
  5. 3 modes Low Output, High Output and get this strobe!
  6. Black Anaodized t6061 Aluminum Body
  7. with B lack wire clip, and two AA batteries 

Sure Fire M3 Millennium Combat Light

Posted by Terry Ray on February 26, 2014 

This is one of my Sure Fire lights, it is incondecent High Output 700 lumens

machined aluminum body,  Its the same light i have moundted on my AR-15 

this one I keep in my back pack. Its one bright light, run time is low , but very bright.

Its 10 years old now,  Just one of my sure-fires, so yes i think I m a flashlight collector as well.

and I guess a flash light dealer LOL as well too.

Am I a flashlight collector?

Posted by Charles Sample on February 24, 2014

The recent comments in this group have made me think I may be a flashlight collector, although an unusual one.  The same thing happened to me with knives.  I had collected knives for a few years before I realized I was a knife collector.

There are 42 flashlights in this picture.  37 of them are the same flashlight which I got free at Harbor Freight.  Four of the remaining five I got free from TVA.  Only one of the 42 did I buy.  It was the 18 volt light in the upper left corner.  I really didn't know how many I had until I got them out tonight to take this picture.

My daughter says I'm a hoarder, not a collector.  What do you think?

Reply by Steve Hanner on February 25, 2014 

Exactly what I am planning to do Charles when I get the chance? I have shown just a few but I have many, many more. Not as many flashlights as knives but still quite a few flashlights!

Reply by Jan Carter on February 25, 2014 

LOL, looks like my flashlight stash Charles.  I think I am just an accumulator, I dont remember the last one I bought.  I seem to get a lot of the little ones for free and the big ones are parts of Donnie power tool sets 

Reply by Terry Ray on February 25, 2014

I started out with a mag lite , then it happend SUREFIRE I have about exactly 9 surefire lites 

i also have a couple of stream lites 

Reply by Data (C Thomas) on February 25, 2014 

When you spend $100.00 on a flashlight, then you will know..

Show us pics of the latest and greatest flashlight you bought ?

Posted by Richard Reed on June 28, 2010


 I'll start:  I bought a tk-30 by fenix


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