Please tell us about your Outdoor Adventures this Spring or Summer. Tell us the story and if you have pictures please post them to. I think it will be fun to hear about Outdoor adventures from all over the place. It can be anything from the Outdoors: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Rock Collecting, Gardening, Picture Taking, Exploring and Scouting ext.... Please, let's hear what Ya'll are up to.

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Goodness that does look like you had some fun!

Lots of fun just hard on old Paw Paw. If you want to feel your age, just go camping in a tent with some college kids....lol

Its hard on me just hearing you tell about it. LOL

We have been going on this camping trip, in a tent, once a year since the girls were very small. I promised, I'd keep going till I just couldn't go any more. I am getting close. Our next camping trip, will be in my camp. I just heard the fish are starting to bite in that area. It's a lot easier at my camp, than in a tent.

I was out riding my 4 wheeler, changing out my game camera memory sticks, refreshing my salt lick, and generally just enjoying the great outdoors.  

Beautiful day to be in the Outdoors. I'm sure you enjoyed yourself. We were busy around the Farm today.

The winning knife?????

Wow, that's a fine knife. I hope everyone gets to see it. Yes it's the winning knife.....no question about it. Thanks Miss Jan for posting a picture.

Nice knife!  I'd love to win it.

The knife was shipped to Miss Jan, so I have not seen it but I think this is the right photo. I love it, Outdoorsman's Knife.

It is one sweet little knife Robert.  Built to be used!

When I was a young man, I carried this pattern longer than any other. Great little knife, a getter done type pattern...lol


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