I recently bought a Schatt & Morgan #10 Rooster Knife.  I have never seen this pattern before.  I'm very curious about the use of the two blades other than then main spear point blade.  Does anyone have any info?  Has any other company made this pattern?  Like all things Schatt & Morgan it's beautifully made.

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The one is a spur saw, for removing the back spurs off of a rooster.

OMG! I love abalone scales on a knife -- any knife! What a beauty you have with this one! I have never seen this pattern before so I'm afraid I can't help you with the questions you have. But that won't stop me from admiring your knife. She's a beaut, that's fersure!


Carl is correct about the saw and then there is the castrating hook.  I am curious about some other things, what year is the knife?  The box that is with it seems to be a Daniels Family era yet I do not remember this one coming out.  Ron is also correct that she is a beaut!  I know I would have noticed it coming out because I would have been screaming...I WANT ONE

Jan, I believe Ken Daniels had those knives made without being advertised very heavily.  He didn't want to be accused of supporting cockfighting. I remember hearing him talk about it at one of the Queen shows in Titusville, probably 2015 or 2016.

This is one of my favorite style of knives to collect. The saw blade was to cut the natural spurs off a rooster then the other hook type blade was to cut of the metal spurs that were tied to the roosters legs after the fight was over. They made some back in the 80's for a man who was famous in the cock fighting world.  Then a man in Kentucky approached Queen Cutlery to do a few runs for him last year. Iv seen pictures of other brands in books but never at any shows.

Carl and Ashley...THANK YOU...I am now on the hunt

The abalone ones are on eBay all the time but they go for a pretty penny! This is the one made for the man back in the 80's I have only ever seen 3 total and I own two of them. 

Queen also made this one for Smokey Mountian Knife works in the 80's I believe.

Thanks for all the replies.  Yes, it's a DFC knive.  I thought the saw might be to cut spurs but since I know nothing about cock fighting I wasn't sure.  I like the small blade being used to cut off the metal spurs better than castrating.  I'm not going to take up cock fighting just because I bought the knife!  There have been a few stag versions on ebay too.  Probably should have bought one before tipping you all off.

There are a couple of the SMKW rooster knives for sale.  I also found some pics of S&M mammoth handled rooster knives, only 3 made.  I would love one of these, makes the abalone seem inexpensive.

Bought another S&M Rooster, this one with stag scales.  Don't have it in my hands yet but here is a pic:

I have another one coming too, once I get it I'll post pictures.


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