After five months of preparation I am pleased to announce a new website for Queen cutlery collectors Queencutleryguide.com. So, moving forward, those who like Queen knives will be able to choose what they want from at least two sites. Our team has been involved with Queen history.com, and its predecessor, since the beginning. We see value in both sites. We simply want to add more information for collectors.

Prominent Features
* Queen Cutlery Catalog database including all 70 years of Queen Catalog Knives (& other cutlery products) organized in 216 GUIDES by model numbers, Series, and patterns for very efficient summaries of Queen catalog knives.
(If you don't find a model # you need, we will develop it for you.)

* Tang and Etch guide, (2-page and 10-page versions) A very useful historical summary of all Schatt & Morgan, Queen City, and Queen Cutlery, marks over a
120-year window.

* Special Project knives and Special Factory Order knives that have never appeared in Catalogs. Queen made many, especially after 1972 (but also earlier). We will need help in submitting your special knives (Photos & descriptions). Eventually we will become a home for the best documentation of "What did Queen Make?"
* Model numbers for the three companies over same 120-year period is also included under "Resources"
* knife and history articles. New articles as well as ones we previously developed for Queen History.com. We will be actively increasing these articles based on our collections and records obtained through Queen's recent bankruptcy auction.
*Price Lists from all decades, 1949-2012 are provided.
* Published Articles and Books and on Queen

This is a new and active site, we seek active participation in feedback and sharing information for Queen Collectors,
both new and veterans. Please send us your comments and Special Knives

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So are you wanting pictures of just queen or also S&M and Tuna Valley? 

Sue OldsWidow said:

So are you wanting pictures of just queen or also S&M and Tuna Valley?   Thank you for asking!  I am seeking ANY Queen Robeson, Queen City Cultery, Schatt & Morgan, or Tuna Valley that has never been shown in a company catalog.  You can see some examples on our website here: Queen Special Projects & Special Factory Orders - Queen Cutlery... Photos and any description of the knife would ge breat!  Lately we have been focused on knife boxes, Certain knives like Roosters, NKCA Queen Collector knives, BUT soon we will add many m,ore pattersn from SFO or special projects.  So far the leaders are Swing guards, #6 teardrops, and #19 trappers.  THANK YOU!


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