Queen Cutlery Company and the Daniels Family are excited to announce that Frank Powers of Frank’s Classic Knives will be overseeing the Queen Classics line.  This series was one of The Daniels Family's first knife lines and eventually led to the start of Great Eastern Cutlery.  The series will be an exclusive line completely managed, marketed, and sold by Frank’s Classic Knives.
Frank Powers is a well-respected dealer and has always believed in and carried quality USA made products.  More importantly, Powers has been an avid pocket knife collector for over forty years and with that comes a sense of quality and craftsmanship for the marketplace.  He is passionate about this project and is in tune to the wants and desires of fellow collectors.  It is his desire to produce a product that rivals those made during the golden age of pocket knives from the first half of the 20th century. 
With the hopes of making tomorrow’s antiques today, Powers has secured a source of original Winterbottom genuine bone handles for his first limited edition knife.  Being a collector, Powers decided it only appropriate to start production with his favorite knife style, a doctor’s knife.
This will be a classic two blade doctor’s knife with one long spear blade intended for cutting and crushing pills and the other a spatula blade originally used for mixing salves.  The Winterbottom handles are fashioned from North American cattle bone and sport a nickel silver pinned crest shield. The blades are USA made stainless steel and the liners and pins are made of brass.   Attention to detail even extends to the packaging.  Each knife includes a Certificate of Authenticity and is housed in a two piece box labeled Queen Classics Knives/Frank’s Classic Knives.
The doctor’s knife edition is limited to a production of one hundred knives.  Powers knows the importance of a limited run when it comes to collecting and value.  When asked, he said his motto is “high quality and low production.”  Powers even gives us a clue into the future as he is currently planning the next series also in Winterbottom bone and limiting it to an extremely low issue of nineteen pieces.  However, Powers states that most future series are expected to run around fifty pieces.
A unique logo was designed to mark the Queen Classics/Powers union.  The image is of an old man or frontiersman.  It signifies the bygone days of the early 20th century and embraces the style and quality of that period.  The logo or hallmark is etched on one blade of each knife and is repeated in the packaging and certificate.  


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Just to be clear, this is the Queen Classics line that Frank is overseeing.  It is a specialty line within Queen Cutlery. 

His motto is “high quality and low production."  

I look for the classics line to be doing some wonderful knives and offering uniqueness as in WinterBottom Bone!

Hope to see a swell center jack in the future....mini coke bottle ....


Well lets start asking for one now.  

Sue wants a swell center jack in the future....mini coke bottle .. (PLEASE)

Tell em what I want, Jan.  Tell em...

Jan Carter said:

Well lets start asking for one now.  

Sue wants a swell center jack in the future....mini coke bottle .. (PLEASE)


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