I thought I might add a comment or two concerning the “state” of knife show. There is no doubt that knife shows are decreasing in number and size. Vendors and customers are staying home and selling or buying on internet auctions and websites. It is disappointing to go and observe the “shrinking” show. That has been the case with the Parker Show for several years now. Fewer vendors means fewer varieties and quantities of knives offered for sale, but on occasion one can run across a knife or two that you had no idea you could find on someone’s table. That was the case for me this past weekend at the Parker Show – three vintage Schatt & Morgan’s and three Queen City posted here.

One additional comment: The knife and cutlery education that is available at a show is profound. Opportunities to talk to the Sargents, Cohans, Fishers, Fosters, Voyles, and Zalesky’s and many others with their years of experience and knowledge are not found on the internet. You find them at a show. I am hoping to attend more shows this coming year.

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I already put my list there, so holler if you find one, (if you found any, and were inclined to buy them for me I wouldn't stop you). Thanks Jan.

Thanks, Bryan W.  I acknowledge eastern PA is a resource I haven't reached out to, and I will consider it -- Easton?  Wind Gap?   others?  New York custom an even bigger stretch.  I view every 150 miles driven as one less knife I can afford. When I go farther, I keep hoping my wife will come along  "Forced fun" we call it. So I need to find something else reasonably close that she will truly enjoy. 

IMO the practice of sharing  "want lists" here is very helpful.  I'm putting some up at Jan's link earlier in this thread.  In case you do not see that, I am a pattern collector focused on Queen & Schatt & Morgan only, with any locking knife model:

Swing guards #1l, 1 priority

Mountainman #3l, 2 priority



Rawhides, Hawks,

Button-locks, ETC. 

And recently liner-lock knives offered for short intervals , like 83L, 44L, 19L, oddballs  As Fred says "You can never say Queen never made that"

I have many, but would appreciate help if you find some and could buy or refer to me.


Dan  .    

Hi Dan

Wind gap is a smaller show, but being run by a friend of mine this year so Im rooting for him to improve the visibility and number of sellers.  That show regardless is always a good time with some great sellers.  C'mon out this April!

Easton is a very well established show that gets a great flow of people.  I have set up there for the past few years and the sellers are excellent and come from all over.  Had a lot of compliments this past year for such a great variety of knives for sale across the show.  

Allentown has the Forks of the Delaware gun and knife show, and yes there are knife sellers there.  Lots of military items too.  Its a huge show and well worth the trip.  Its like going to a museum.

If you need any details, just drop me a note and ill fill you in!

Oh, and the Queens? The Daniels are great people.  Ill keep an eye out for those, but no guarantees on the mountainman model, as I have been looking for a nice one myself!  Ha ha!


Check and make sure all those shows are listed in the events calendar?


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