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I've recently bought two of these, one in mammoth and one in stag.  Love these little knives although really too small for anything but a gentleman's pocket knife.  Does anybody know anything about the pattern?  I've got one other humped back whittler but it's bigger and the main blade locks.

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I have 5 of them. 1 of each handle material (burnt stag, amber stag, buffalo horn, mammoth ivory, and mother of pearl).  They are great little knives. I think they were made with the tooling from the Schatt & Morgan Premier Series humpback whittler. The size and shape are the same, but the S&M was a lockback humpback whittler.

Here are some pics of mine. (No picture of the pearl one yet.)

Nice, your mammoth is spectacular. I'll have to keep an eye out for the other handles. 

I've got one of the Schatt & Morgan Premier Series humpback whittler's and it's just a little bigger.

Thanks David. Yeah the Tuna knives always used such nice handle materials, especially the mammoth. Good to know regarding the S&M size being larger. I don't know anyone that had one of the S&M humpbacks, so I'm glad to get some info directly from someone who has one.

Hello David. this pattern has been around for a long time. I have I believe four or five of them. I have a Robeson, and a few queen ( different handles. ) They are one of my favorite patterns , only too small foe serious work . I will post some pics as soon as I can.

I agree it's too small for any serious work, the S&M premium lockback whittler is really a better size.  They are very similar patterns, all 3 blades are almost identical except for size.  Of course the back springs are completely different for the lockback.  I just bought a pearl one, check out the date on the certificate.  Something must be coming out of Queen.

Ryan told me these were some of the very last knives made at Queen before the doors closed. I'm not sure, but he may have even had the parts assembled after the doors had closed.

Oooo that stag is gorgeous.

I own one myself with black buffalo horn - small "blowout" of horn at one of the pins, but bought it discounted and what a pretty piece.  Will start carrying that one soon!


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