I love moras. But I was curious what others thought about them.

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I agree that a knife has its own set of tasks it can perform. I do disagree on batoning though. I have several moras and have been batoning with them for about four years with no problems. For chopping I usually have a small axe or machete with me in the bush. I do agree that they are somewhat delicate to the degree that the steel is a little soft and they are prone to knicks and dings. but they are easy to sharpen..
for the money they are excellent knives! you just cant beat the price. yes they are thin, and no they are not full tang. however the edge is awesome, the steel comes in a variety of choices, and the handles come in different shapes and colors. for 8-15 dollars you just cant get a better knife IMO
They're the sharpest blades I own...At the best prices, a case of getting much more than what you pay for.
i have a #2000 i believe on its way. It wont be used but i couldn't say no for the price
Mora knives are great!

Here's some history: http://www.scandia-international.com/KnifeWorld_Article.html

I have a Clipper and love it. It's comfortable in the hand and holds it edge good. I cutting test it did not chip, but I did get some rolls and light bends along the edge.

That's a good looking knife.

Thanks for the "friend" Stephen. The photos appear to be from some catalog or website that I haven't found. They were used on eBay. I did go back to the official Mora site and translated it.. Some of the knives on the Swedish site are not shown on the English version. I looked up the little town that the seller came from and will now look at the Russian language site,  This is what I love about collecting. Little mysteries to look into. This may be a line of knives that use Mora blades in the manufacture of their own version. In the distant past, distributors would simply have Mora stamp the blades with their own logo, etc. Guttman Cutlery 1947-1997, PIC, Edgemark, and others.   

Sandvik steels

I didn't know that. Mora made blades for Edgemark? Years ago I gave an Edgemark Buffalo Skinner, with a stag handle, to my cousin. He loves that knife. I tried to find out more about Edgemark but I came up empty. It's stamped Soligen Germany but that doesn't mean that the blade comes from there. Thanks for the info.

   Have ya'll tried searching for them in Finnland?

Thanks for the suggestion, Robert. 

I don't know how Mora sharpens their knives, but they get those thing so dang Sharp.


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