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I recently got an old Schrade 3 blade pocketknife that was very heavily corroded.  It was so bad, that I could not open it with a screwdriver or a pair of pliers.

After about 2 weeks of soaking it in Kroil, I managed to open it.  I did quite a bit of cleaning it up, and it ended up being a rather nice little knife.

I have tried to ID it with no success.  The best I can come up with so far is that it is older than 1946.

Can anyone help me out in figuring out what this knife is?

I am attaching a couple of pics of it.  If there is any additional information or pictures that I can provide, please let me know.

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I apologize for not thinking about this sooner...  Seeing the knife with the blades showing would probably help with any kind of identification.

Hopefully this helps!

(it was trying to rain when I tried to take this photo, so please forgive the few spec of water on the knife)

The thing that is really giving me a problem is that lone 'blade' on the left.  It is not a blade at all, as there is no edge on it.  Could it be a punch of some sort?  I thought leather punches has more of a point to them, so I am confused.

I cannot find any numbers on the knife at all.

Other than that punch (or whatever it is), I think it looks a little like a stockman.  Well, it has a spey blade instead of the sheepsfoot too.

Does this help anybody?  I would really like to figure out when this little guy was produced.

Oh!  I did find this small reference pic on Schrade tang stamps...


Based on this, I think the knife was made between 1917 and 1946.  Quite the time span, but it is getting narrowed down a little bit.

There is  a collection of old Schrade Catalogs on line at https://www.collectors-of-schrades-r.us/Catalogs/index.htm. The 1923 catalog shows knife calling that blade a "Leather Punch". A collection of Schrade history is at  https://www.collectors-of-schrades-r.us/articles/articles.htm   Schrade Walden is collectible. If you are around Naponach NY you would enjoy the knife Museum near there.

Paul S now in Surprise AZ

oooh.  That looks like some good reference material!  thank you!

After perusing the catalog and making my best guesses, (due to no numbers being found on this knife - yep.  I looked again) The first number would have to be an 8.  then the pattern number...  not sure about that.  the pattern looks very close to the 83, but is only 3½" long and not 4".  I could not find a similar knife pattern that was a little bit shorter.  the last digits, I believe would be 4¼K.

So we would have : 8##4¼K   Just need to find the correct pattern now to fill in those two missing numbers.  BUT!  we are getting closer!

Thanks again Steve!


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