I got my first Schrade Bowie from Herman Williams several years ago. Ever since that first one, I've been on the hunt. In the 70's Schrade started making Commemorative Bowies for different organizations. Schrade did not put their name on these knives as they were strictly special orders. No one really knows how many of each were made or sold. The NRA Bicentennial Bowie is fairly common while it is estimated that there are probably less than 50 of the Daniel Boone Bowies. The first one made was for Smith & Wesson commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Texas Rangers. The next 5 commemoratives had a larger blade in a little different style and were etched by Aurum Etching. The Nra Bowie was the only one that was etched on both sides. All 6 of these knives had wood handles. Recently, I completed my collection of these 6 knives. I sent them to Herman Williams for file work and to be re-handled. He used sections of German Stag that he cut from some old antler chandliers that he had found in an antique store in Virginia. Herman signed all of these on the top of the guard. The Texas Ranger Bowie has a S# on the top spine of the blade and was not file worked because of this.

6 Schrade Bowies by Herman Williams

S&W Texas Rangers 1823 - 1973

Colt Firearms     The Gun That Won The West

Daniel Boone    He Opened The Way For Millions

General Custer     Little Big Horn

Buffalo Bill

NRA Bicentennial

NRA Bicentennial pile side     Monarch Of The Plains

File Work

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