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John Nowill, Sheffield!  Very nice!

that is nice, very classic shape. Who makes it and is it still available? oh, never mind, now i see its a John Nowill, thanks Jan. lol

Ya I had a heck of a time getting it delivered I love the patch tear built into it. I believe it was for ripping open the paper ammunition for muzzle loaders?

Patch tear? is that the key hole at the back end of the blade? I never heard of it described as that but it makes sense. 

I have always wondered what that was for!

There was a revolt in India back when England colonized the country. The native men being trained to shoot the rifle where muslin and the pig fat I think it was that they used to seal the ammunition. The regular British solder in haste to load as quickly as possible would bite the ends off instead of a knife like this one. So the solders in training refused to put pig fat/meat into there mouth & hence I believe a lot of people died at the hands of the British?


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