This Holiday's gift from my steel supplier is a the Laci Szabo Tactical folder. It has a blade style I fancy, even if not practical for my daily tasks. IT IS WICKED Y'ALL!!!

I copied and Pasted the specs and description from the Spyderco site:

Laci Szabo’s larger-than-life folder is an incredible blend of design flair and hardcore function. To make this amazing knife even more suitable for tactical applications, it is now available with a non-reflective black titanium-carbonitride blade coating and a sure-grip handle boasting black Cubic Check carbon fiber/G-10 laminate scales. Its other critical features, including a dramatic Scimitar-shaped CPM S30V blade, high-strength Compression Lock mechanism, enhanced self-close feature, and four-position clip, all remain the same. Low profile meets high performance in the new all-black Szabo folder.

length overall 10.25" (260 mm) blade length 4.60" (117 mm) blade steel CPM S30V
length closed 5.65" (144 mm) cutting edge 3.97" (101 mm) weight 7 oz (198 g)
blade thickness 0.157" (4 mm) handle material Carbon Fiber/G-10 Laminate

**Some Dimensions don't jibe with mine, I have the closed length at 5-7/8", Cutting edge at 4-1/8".

It is a big knife, but surprisingly is snug in the pocket of a pair of jeans. 

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I came across the one picture you had posted in the Spyderco Group before I saw this overview. What a huge folder this is. The picture of it in your hand makes it look even bigger! That's not a knife you'd want to pull out in public just to slice an apple. 

Does it have the carbon fiber laminate on the back side, also? Or is it just straight G10? I love the fact that it has a compression lock. It is precisely for that reason that I have such a love affair with the Para 2.

This knife and the Hungarian are both made in Taiwan, from what I understand. I keep hearing claims that the fit and finish on the Taiwan made Spyderco's are even better than the ones coming out of Golden, Co. Since all of my Spydies are from Golden I can't make that comparison. How does that claim jibe with your experience, Brad?

What a great knife! What a great gift!


Both sides have the Carbon fiber/G10 laminate and the fit and finish coming out of Taiwan surprised the heck out of me. Not one single flaw or loose bit could be found. The lock up is rock solid. The knife is still tight on the open/close procedure, but time and use will work that out.

Thanks, Brad! Enjoy your new knife - it's a beauty! Like I said earlier, Cesar will probably do a backflip when he sees it!

Edit to add: Duh! I just scrolled up and realized that you HAD posted a pic of the backside of this knife. Double Duh! Sometimes I'm just a little slow on the uptake! (I had asked you if the CF was also on the back of the knife.) Like I said: DUH!

I emailed pics to Cesar and he is astounded that it was free to me.


I know how you feel about your Szabo as I obtained mine about 3 weeks ago.  Mine has the bright blade and the "lightening strike" carbon fiber/G10 scales.  I love this knife.  I've carried it around in the cargo pocket of my jeans sever since I got it--my EDC is either a Yojimbo 2, Sage 2 or a new HTC Gunhammer Radian.  The Szabo is really too big for an EDC and would surely scare the crap out of most folks if opened much in public.  I carry it in the cargo pocket since I can hardly bear to be without it---handling it is addictive.  It is one, wicked, huge, intimidating knife!  I love mine.  I'm over 65 and I have a hard time opening mine with one hand (I have to grip mine at the extreme rear of the handle to get enough leverage for my thumb to do a one-hand opener--of course mine is still tight from being new).  I thought my Schempp Tuff was hard to open, but the Szabo is even more difficult, but I still love it.  GREAT KNIFE!!


Thanks Wes.
It is tight on opening but worth the time to work it in. I won't be able to carry it in my pocket everyday because my work attire is somewhat more civilized. I will carry in my bag, which accompanies me everywhere. Got to keep working that pivot.

Boy huge folder is right! That handle is large and the blade is pretty big too...makes it up to be a rather large knife for them I would think?

I like it!

Here it is compared to my Contego. Which is considered a large knife with a 3.90" blade.

Brad, being a lefty, how do you like the compression lock on your Szabo? Do you encounter any problem disengaging it? Do you use your thumb, as opposed to an index finger, to release it with one hand?

The reason I ask is that I often hear how the Para 2 is not "Lefty Friendly." It also has a topside compression lock. 

I am not Left handed, unlike those unfortunate few here (ie. Cesar and Alexander). The compression lock for this knife is tight due to the size of the blade, therefore it is difficult flick open and closed like with the Para2 and Yojimbo2. Those glide easily compared to this monster. 

I did a partial dis-assembly to check the pivot points for burrs, because lubing and loosening the pivot nut did not make it any easier. I did see that the spring to close the blade is massive and keeps the blade under tension near the closing of the blade. This maybe why it is difficult to open one handed. 

Sorry, Brad! I made an incorrect assumption about you being a lefty. I had hurriedly glanced at your Contego and mistook the Wave that you had on it for a left handed opener. My bad! 

The above pic is the one where I mistaked your fabricated Wave feature for a left handed opener. Duh! I didn't realize that the thumb stud really was a THUMB STUD! Please forgive my mistake.


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