Hey everyone,

Show me your newest tactical knife purchase! Did you finally give in and buy that knife you just had to have?

What is your latest purchases? I am interested to see what you guys are into.



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Isn't that just an extremely cool knife? I picked one up too...in the foliage green with the ZDP-189 steel. I love my standard black Delica 4 as a primary EDC...and got the FG-ZDP version just to add to my collection. Love the volcano grip on the Delica and Endura knives. I've heard that some people don't like that the V.4 comes with steel liners. To me, this was a SUPERB move on Spyderco's part. Totally diggin' it!
AWESOME!!! I have one T-1 and two T-2s. I'm really trying to nail a T-3 and they are surprisingly hard to find. The Harsey design is one of my all time favorites...as is the CPM S30V blade steel. They just rock. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT knives!
The Paramilitary knife is very cool! I'm envious! I need to add one to my collection! BTW: The CLB Bokers are very cool "high-value" knives. I picked up the M01BO560 as well as the Hyper. The M version is actually the sharpest "right-out-of-the-box" knife that I've ever purchased...by quite a bit...as in freakishly sharp. The Hyper is a great "small" version of the M. I also have a couple of Direkts and dig them...though, oddly enough, both are relatively dull "out-of-the-box".
The SOG Vulcans are GREAT knives. JT did very well to purchase this. I have a VL-1 and a VL-2 and absolutely love them. The VG-10 steel is, at least for me, one of the best performing steels that I've used. Also, the Arc lock technology works like a champ. Dig the zytel handle texturing too! Oh...and if anybody gets the chance, you really should check out the Tomcat 3.0. UNBELIEVABLE KNIFE. Super handsome...and yet it can do some serious business very easily. A++++ stuff. Still...my ZT 0200 is my current FAVE tactical folder. There is so much out there...so many truly excellent knives. And so little time...well...and money.
Ok...and without further ado, here's a photo of my ZT 0200.
Here is the cheapest one on e-Bay
I really want one too, but im a poor college student! :(

I just picked up a new knife. After my ZT0200 purchase (awesome knife!!!), I decided to pick up a little smaller ZT...and so I purchased the ZT0350. It is roughly 80% the size of the 0200 and quite a bit lighter. It does have G10 scales, though they aren't nearly as cool as the ones on the 0200...and since they are a little thinner, the weight of the knife is reduced accordingly. Love the blade shape. It is an interesting combination of drop point, recurve and reverse tanto. As seems to be the case with all ZT knives, the build quality on the 0350 is outstanding. It is an assisted opening knife and though it comes with nicely terraced thumbstuds, it opens best with the flipper (which doubles as a finger choil). It has thick liners and locks up very tight. Overall an A-level knife.
That is one bad looking knife....will it cut? :)
OK, fellow TC members- I need your help here. While I did just take the plunge and bought my first new cool knife- I think you'd call it a tact, but honestly, don't know...the Mantis Jyro as shown here in this discussion- even still I'm the newbie. SO, it helps me if y'all'd load a pic of your new purchase. I'm still trying to peg a knife to its name.

Sorry to be a pain in the hinney, but...... :)
It is indeed, Scott! Well, so far, it has cut everything besides me (whew). Interesting thing, though. For quite some time, I got away from recurve blades because they can be a litle tough to sharpen (not nearly as bad as serrated blades). Until I got this blade, I had kind of forgotten how well recurve blades cut. For reasons that I don't quite grasp, the recurves seem to offer up some pretty great cutting power and the ZT0200 appears to have this ability in spades (so far, anyway). You know what, though? Probably the "coolest" things about this folder are the incredible texturing on the G10 and the sound that it makes when the blade is deployed. I don't have another knife remotely like it!
My last purchase was an order from YCS that included a Spyderco Tenacious, and a Cold Steel Double Agent II. Like them both, I (like most) think the Tenacious is a great bargain. I sharpened the tip swage on the Dbl. Agent, and now have an even better tactical neck knife. I ditched the bead chain, and use 550 cord and a cord-lok as a safety break-away.
I most recent Tactical knife purchase was a emerson cqc-8. I love it.


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