Think shelter you can pull behind a bicycle

The first one gives you a pull around shelter but not much more

The next one gives you some options including a renewable energy source

The third video shows what CAN be done to make bugging out an option with peddles being your mode of transport 

With most of these I have an issue with the wheel and tire size.  I think something more substantial and less likely to end up flat would work better long term

.  The one I like the most?  Third video at 2:29.  Light weight fold out walls with an actual structure between that is enclosed shelter in storms.  If I have to bug out I want more than just a portable covered bed going with me

If your leaving with only something that you need to manually be able to move...what is your choice??

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The problem I see, is if you have somewhere to go, and a lot of possessions, this will probably be to slow, not enough room, and take to much energy that's need scarce food to replenish.

If that's not the case, and you just need one for a shelter at your camping spot, enough food for a week or so, then it may be a great idea. I would pick number 2 on the list.

I find it funny, that some people will spend 20, 50 even 100 thousand dollars on a super tactical bug out vehicle, and if something happened, they would only be going from point A, to point B. If it were a real SHTF event, gas would run out quick, you would be risking your life trying to drive around sight seeing as people would probably be trying to take what you have. I would rather have a cheap 4X4 for a couple thousand, and spend the rest on supplies, and preparing the retreat.


My idea would not be to bug out, we are set up for shelter in place.  BUT, you never know so I like the idea of small portable peddle power and the small generator helps me think through some possibilities

Not sure about this one.. number 2 of yours is still good,, but if you have to take to the water tho.. maybe add a trolling motor? 

Nomadic Water Bed

Ron, not a bad idea you can get a little one for like 99.00 and I really like the idea of this one.  Putting a solar panel on it means you could run a battery operated one easily


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