What books would you recommend to someone if they talked to you about survival?

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Some additional titles that I've got in my library that I have found useful...I'll be adding more as I get the data formulated to this site's format.


* = Indicates a "Classic" or IMHO an almost must have volume for your own library.


Dickinson, Terence - Exploring The Night Sky: The Equinox Astronomy Guide For Beginners

Dickinson, Terence - Summer Stargazing

Golden Books - Golden Field Guide: Sky Guide

Golden Books - Golden Guide: The Sky Observer's Guide

Moore, Patrick - Exploring The Night Sky With Binoculars

Moore, Patrick -Stargazing: Astronomy Without A Telescope

Shaffer, Rick - Your Guide To The Sky


Delta Press - Map Reading And Land Navigation

Delta Press - The Green Beret's Compass Course

Disley, John - Orienteering

Geary, Don - Using A Map And Compass

*Kjellstrom, Bjorn - Be Expert With Map And Compass

Moers, Robert L. - Finding Your Way In The Outdoors

Newman,  Bob - Wilderness Wayfinding: How To Survive In The Wilderness As You Travel

Paladin Press - USMC Manual -  Map Reading And Land Navigation     FM21-26

*Rustrum, Calvin -  The Wilderness Route Finder


Bair, Frank E. - The Weather Almanac

Field. Frank - Doctor Frank Field's Weather Book

Golden Books -  Golden Guide: Weather

*Lee, Albert - Weather Wisdom

Ludlum, David - The Country Journal New England Weather Book

*Sloane, Eric - The Almanac And Weather Forecaster

*Sloane, Eric - The Weather Book

Woodmencey, Jim - A Falcon Guide: Reading Weather


*Ashley, Clifford W., The Ashley Book Of Knots

Bigon, Mario, The Morrow Guide To Knots

Blandford, Percy W., Knots And Splices

Budworth, Geoffrey, The Complete Book Of Decorative Knots

Budworth, Geoffrey, The Complete Book of Sailing Knots

*Budworth, Geoffrey, The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Knots And Ropework

Chen, Lydia, Chinese Knotting

Edwards, Ron, Advanced Leatherwork: Book 01:

Edwards, Ron, Advanced Leatherwork: Book 02: Round Knots and Braids

Edwards, Ron, Knots For Horse Lovers

Edwards, Ron, Knots, Useful And Ornamental

Gibson, Walter B., Knots and How to Tie Them

Grant, Bruce, Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding

Grant, Bruce, Leather Braiding

Graumont, Raoul M., Encyclopedia Of Knots And Fancy Ropework

Graumont, Raoul M., Handbook Of Knots

Graumont, Raoul M., Splicing Wire and Fiber Rope

Jarman, Colin, The Essential Knot Book: Knots, Bends, Hitches, Whippings, Splices

Judkins, Steve, Knots And Splices ~

Lee, Art, Tying And Fishing The Riffling Hitch

*Marino, Emiliano, Sailmaker's Apprentice

Morgan, David W., Braiding Fine Leather: Techniques of the Australian Whipmakers

Owen, Peter, L. L. Bean Outdoor Knots Handbook

Owen, Peter, The Book of Decorative Knots

Owen, Peter, The Book of Outdoor Knots

Pawson, Des, Handbook of Knots

*Toss, Brion, Chapman Knots: (A Chapman Nautical Guide)

*Toss, Brion, The Complete Rigger's Apprentice: Tools And Techniques For Modern And Traditional Rigging

UNKNOWN, AUTHOR, Knot Know How = Playing Cards

Williams, Mark D., Knots For Fly Fishers

Wiseman, Jay, Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook



Bang, Preban and, Preben Dahlstrom - , Animal Tracks and Signs by Preben Bang, Preben Dahlstrom (Pocket Nature Guide)

Barwise,, Joanne E. - , Animal Tracks Of Western Canada

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Science And Art Of Tracking

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Search

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Tracker

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To Nature Observation And Tracking

Brown,, Vinson - , *Reading The Woods

Falkus,, Hugh - , Wildtrack

Jaeger,, Ellsworth - , Tracks And Trailcraft

Mears & Dahlstrom,, Ray & Preben - , Animal Tracks and Signs by Preben Bang, Preben Dahlstrom and Ray Mears (Pocket Nature Guide)

Outdoor Life Books  - ,  , How To Track And Find Game

Outdoor Life Books  - ,  , The Outdoor Observer

Peterson Guides  - ,  , Field Guide To Animal Tracks

Rezendes,, Paul - , Tracking And The Art Of Seeing: How To Read Animal Tracks And Sign

Tracking - Human 

Benson,, Ragnar - , *Mantrapping

Chesbro,, Michael E. - , Wilderness Evasion

Donelan,, David Scott - , Tactical Tracking Operations

Kearney,, Jack - , *Tracking: A Blueprint For Learning How

Leyton,, Elliot - , Hunting Humans


Bass,, Rick - -, The Sky, The Stars, The Wilderness

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Awakening Spirits

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Grandfather

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Journey

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Quest

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Vision

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , The Way Of The Scout

Camuto,, Christopher - , Another Country: Journeying Toward The Cherokee Mountains

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Man From The Cave     

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Man Who Walked Through Time    

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Thousand Mile Summer

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Winds Of Mara

Hunter,, Jane, Ray Mears' World of Survival: As Seen on TV

Mears, Ray and, Dorian Amos - , The Good Life: Up the Yukon Without a Paddle

Mears, Ray and, David H. Thomas - , Surviving Antarctica

Mears,, Ray - , The Real Heroes of Telemark: The True Story of the Secret Mission to Stop Hitler's Atomic Bomb

Ruark,, Robert - , I Didn't Know It Was Loaded

Ruark,, Robert - , The Old Man And The Boy                    

Ruark,, Robert - , The Old Man's Boy Grows Older            

Ruark,, Robert - , The Old Man's Boy Grows Up                


Anderson,, Sheridan - , Baron Von Mabel's Backpacking

Angier,, Bradford - , Home In Your Pack

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Complete Walker       (1st Edition, signed, inscribed)

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Complete Walker lll

Fletcher,, Colin - , The Complete Walker V

Fletcher,, Colin - , The New Complete Walker

Harmon,, Will - , A Falcon Guide: Leave No Trace

Hart,, John - , Walking Softly In The Wilderness

Manning,, Harvey - , Backpacking, One Step At A time

Merrill,, W. K. - , The Hiker's And Backpacker's Handbook

Rustrum,, Calvin - , The New Way Of The Wilderness

Saijo,, Albert - , The Backpacker

Sugar,, Andrew - , Backpacking It

Townsend,, Chris - , The Backpacker's Handbook

Weiner,, Jonathen - , Planet Earth

Wood,, Robert S. - , Pleasure Packing

Camping - General,  

Angier,, Bradford - , How To Live In The Woods On Pennies A Day

Bean,, Leon L. - , Hunting - Fishing And Camping                  

Brower,, David - , The Sierra Club Wilderness Handbook

Camping Journal - ,  , Aid To Campers

Cardwell,, Paul, Jr. - , America's Camping Book

Goll,, John - , The Camper's Pocket Handbook: A Backcountry Travelers Companion

Hammet,, Catherine T. - , Your Own Book Of Campcraft

Holden,, John L. - , Camping

Jobson,, John - , *The Complete Book Of Practical Camping       

Kephart,, Horace - , *Camping And Woodcraft

Kreps,, E. R. - , *Camp And Trail Methods

Langer., Richard W. - , Joy Of Camping

Ormond,, Claude - , *The Complete Book Of Outdoor Lore

Provencher,, Paul - , *The Complete Woodsman

Riviere,, Bill - , Family Campers' Bible

Riviere,, Bill - , Guide To Family Camping

Riviere,, Bill - , *Backcountry Camping

Riviere,, Bill - , *The Camper's Bible

Riviere,, Bill - , *The L. L. Bean Guide To The Outdoors

Rustrum,, Calvin - , The Wilderness Life

Schneider,, Bill - , A Falcon Guide: Bear Aware

Schwartz,, Alvin - , *Going Camping

Outdoor Life Books - ,  , Outdoorsman's Fitness And Medical Guide

Hatton,, E. M. - , The Tent Book

Allen,, Jim - , Sleep Close To The Fire

Allen,, Jim - , Up In Smoke

Cochran,, Bruce - , Everything You (Never) Want to Know About Camping

Lindsay,, Joe - , Up Shit Creek: Horrifyingly True Wilderness Toilet Mis-adventures

Meyer,, Kathleen - , How To Shit In The Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach To A Lost Art

Rose., Robert - , Sex In The Outdoors

Camping - Bushcraft  

Angier,, Bradford - , How To Stay Alive In The Woods

Angier,, Bradford - , On Your Own In The Wilderness

Angier,, Bradford - , *Skills For Taming The Wild

Angier,, Bradford - , *The Master Backwoodsman                            

Berglund,, Berndt - , Wilderness Survival

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To City And Suburban Survival

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To Living With The Earth

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To Nature And Survival For Children

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To The Forgotten Wilderness

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To Wilderness Survival

Davenport,, Gregory - , *Wilderness Survival ~

Davenport,, Gregory J. - , Wilderness Living

Elbroch,, Mark - , *Wilderness Survival

Elpel,, Thomas J. - , Participating in Nature: Thomas J. Elpel's Field Guide To Primitive Living Skills

Graves,, Richard - , *Bushcraft

Gryllis,, Bear - , Living Wild: The Ultimate Guide To Scouting And Fieldcraft'

Jaeger,, Ellsworth - , Nature Crafts

Jaeger,, Ellsworth - , *Wildwood Wisdom

Jamison,., Richard & Linda - , Primitive Skills and Crafts: An Outdoorsman's Guide To Shelters, Tools, Weapons, Tracking, Survival And More

Jamison,., Richard L. - , Primitive Outdoor Skills

Janowsky,, Chris & Gretchen - , Survival: A Manual That Could Save Your Life

Kochanski, Mors - , *Bushcraft

Kochanski,, Mors - , Bush Arts

Kochanski,, Mors - , Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills & Wilderness Survival

Kochanski,, Mors - , *Northern Bush Craft

Kochanski,, Mors - , Survival Kit Ideas

Kochanski,, Mors - , The Two Kilogram Survival Kit Field Manual

Kochanski,, Mors - , Tools of Survival and Survival Training

Kochanski,, Mors - , When You Meet a Black Bear

Kreps,, E. H. - , Woodcraft

Mason,, Bernard - , Woodsmanship

McManners,, Hugh - , The Complete Wilderness Training Book

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Naked Into The Wilderness - Volume 1

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Naked Into The Wilderness - Volume 2

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Primitive Wilderness Living And Survival Skills - Volume l

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied And Advanced - Volume ll

Mears,, Ray - , *Bushcraft: An Inspirational Guide to Surviving in the Wilderness

Mears,, Ray - , Bushcraft Survival

Mears,, Ray - , Essential Bushcraft

Mears,, Ray - , Northern Wilderness

Mears,, Ray - , Ray Mears' Bushcraft Survival

Mears,, Ray - , Ray Mears' World of Survival

Mears,, Ray - , The Outdoor Survival Handbook:

Mears,, Ray - , Vanishing World: A Life of Bushcraft

Mears,, Ray - , Bushcraft Handbook No.1: Carving

Mears,, Ray - , The Survival Handbook: A Practical Guide To Woodcraft And Woodlore

Olsen,, Larry Dean - , *Outdoor Survival Skills

Pelton,, Robert W. - , The Official Pocket Survival Manual

Rowlands,, John J. - , Cache Lake Country

Stackpole Books -- ,  , Survival Wisdom And Know How: Everything You Need To Know To Thrive In The Wilderness

Stahlberg,, Ranier - , The Complete Book Of Survival

Stevens,, James Talmage - , Making The Best Of Basics

Tawrell,., Paul - , Camping And Wilderness Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book

Thomas,, Dion - , *Roughing It Easy

Thomas,, Dion - , *Roughing It Easy 2

Wescott,, David - , *Primitive Technology

Wescott,, David - , *Primitive Technology 2

Fur Trade ReEnacting,  

Eastman, Charles A., Indian Scout Craft And Lore

Hungry Wolf, Adolf, Blackfoot Craftworkers Book

Hunt, W. Ben, Golden Book Of Indian Crafts And Lore

Hunt, W. Ben, The Complete How To Book Of Indian Crafts

Minor, M., The American Indian Craft Book

Montgomery, David, Mountain Man Crafts And Skills

Montgomery, David, Native American Crafts And Skills

Ritzenhaler, R., Building A Chippewa Birch Bark Canoe

Schneider, R. C., Crafts Of The North American Indian

Sibbett, Ed, American Indian Cut And Use Stencils

Strickland, D. G., Hawkeye's Diary Of Indian Crafts And Information

Whiteford, Andrew Hunter, North American Indian Art

Woodward, Arthur, Indian Trade Goods

Baker, Mark A., A Pilgrim's Journey

Baker, Mark A., A Pilgrim's Journey - Volume 2

Jamison, Richard L., The Best Of Woodsmoke: A Manual Of Primitive Outdoor Skills

Joy, R., Mountain Man Manual

Montgomory, David, Mountain Man Crafts And Skills

Overstreet, Charles, Plains Indians And Mountain Man Arts And Crafts, An Illustrated Guide

Overstreet, Charles, Plains Indians And Mountain Man Arts And Crafts - Volume  2

Pegler, Martin, Powder And Ball Small Arms

Romanek, J., Manual For The Modern Day Mountain Man

Russell, Carl P., Firearms, Traps And Tools Of The Mountain Men

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  01

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  02

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  03

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  04

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  05

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  06

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  07

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  08

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  09

Scurlock, William H., Book Of Buckskinning - Volume  10

Walters, Kieth, The Book Of The Free Trapper


Churchill, James, 8The Complete Book Of Tanning Skins And Furs

Farnham, A. B., *Home Manufacture Of Furs And Skins

Farnham, A. B., *Home Tanning And Leather Making Guide

Farnham, A. B., *Home Taxidermy For Pleasure And Profit

Harding, A. R., Fur Buyers Guide

Richards, Matt, Deerskins Into Buckskins

Winkler, Kieth, Raw Fur Handling At It's Best

Benson, Ragnar, Ragnar's Ten Best Traps

Butcher, O. L., Trappers' Guide

Cronk, Oscar, They Called Him "Wildcat"

Dailey, E. J., The Trapper's Partner

Dobbins, Charles, The Great Teachers

Geary, Steven, Fur Trapping In North America

Gilsvik, Bob, A Modern Trapline

Gilsvik, Bob, The Complete Book Of Trapping

Harding, A. R., *3,001 Questions And Answers

Harding, A. R., **The Trapper's Companion

Hemming, Bruce "Buckshot", Buckshot's Modern Trappers Guide

Johnson, Emil R., Fur, Food And Survival: An Expert's Guide To Trapping

Kreps, E. H., *Science Of Trapping

Dobbins, Charles, Land Sets And Trapping Techniques

Hawbaker, S. Stanley, Trapping North American Furbearers

Miranda, Tom, Competition Line Water Trapping

Sullivan, Hal, Trapping 2000

Martin, Dale, Into The Primitive: Advanced Trapping Techniques

Martin, Dale, Trappers Bible

Wilson, Dean, Alaska Trappers Handbook

Wyshinski, Nick, Guidebook For Beginning Trappers

Murie, Olaus J., Animal Tracks

DeZarn, Don, Modern Snaring Explained

Harding, A. R., Deadfalls And Snares

Krause, Tom, Dynamite Snaring

Bateman, James A., Animal Traps And Trapping

Dobbins, Charles, Adjustment Of Leg Hold Traps

Dobbins, Charles, Trap Fastening

Frodelius & Burt Publ,  , The Trap Collector's Guide

Harding, A. R., Steel Traps

Martin, Dale, The Trappers Bible: Traps, Snares And Pathguards

Thompson, Raymond, Killer Traps And Sets

Thompson, Raymond, Snares And Snaring

Anderson, Donald Jack, Goodbye Mountain Man

Anderson, Donald Jack, Trapping With Great Trappers

Collins, Julie & Miki, Trapline Twins

Harding, A. R., *Trapping As A Profession

Hunter, Martin, Canadian Wilds

Lynch, V. E., Trail to Successful Trapping

Schels, Carl, A Trapper's Legacy

Thompson, Raymond, Wilderness Adventures

Woodcock, E. N., 50 Years A Hunter And Trapper



Bane,, Michael -- , Trail Safe: Averting Threatening Human Behavior In The Outdoors

Fitzhenry & Whiteside Pub,,  -- , Northern Survival

Kochanski,, Mors - , Basic Wilderness Survival in Cold Lacking Snow

Kochanski,, Mors -- , Northern Bush Craft

Paladin Press, - ,  -- , Never Say Die: The Canadian Air Force Survival Manual

Zawalsky , Bruce - , Cold Weather Survival Guide

Alloway,, David - , Desert Survival Skills

Davies,, Barry - , The SAS Desert Survival Manual

Nelson,, Dick - , Desert Survival

Paladin Press -- ,  , U. S. Marine Corps Desert Handbook

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Fire And Cordage

Rippinger,, Robert - , Making Sure Fire Tinder

Angier,, Bradford - , Feasting Free On Wild Edibles

Angier,, Bradford - , Field Guide To Wild Edible Plants

Berglund,, Berndt - , The Edible Wild

Brill,, Sreve - , Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants

Brown,, Tom, Jr. - , Tom Brown's Field Guide To Wild Edible And Medicinal Plants

Crowhurst,, Adrienne - , The Weed Cookbook

Pelton,, Robert W. - , The Official Pocket Edible Plant Survival Manual

Epler,, John - , All About Ginseng

Gibbons,, Euell - , Beachcomber's Handbook

Gibbons,, Euell - , Stalking The Blue Eyed Scallop

Gibbons,, Euell - , Stalking The Healthful Herbs

Gibbons,, Euell - , Stalking The Wild Asparagus

Harding,, A. R. - , Ginseng And Other Medicinal Plants

Kochanski,, Mors - , 21 Native Wild Edible Plants

Mears, Ray, Wild Food by Ray Mears

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Makin' Meat 1

McPherson,, John & Geri - , Makin' Meat 2

Peterson,, Lee Allen - , A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern And Central North America (Peterson Field Guides)

Polunin,, Miriam - , The Natural Pharmacy

Thayer,, Samuel - , The Forager's Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants

UNKNOWN -- ,  , Edible And Poisonous Plants - Eastern USA = Playing Cards

UNKNOWN -- ,  , Edible And Poisonous Plants - Western USA = Playing Cards

UNKNOWN -- ,  , Survival Card Deck = Playing Cards

van Allen Murphy,, Edith - , Indian Uses Of Native Plants

Vogel,, Virgil J. - , American Indian Medicine

Weiner,, Michael A. - , Earth Medicine - Earth Foods

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 2

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 3

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 4

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 5

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 6

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 7

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 8

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , Foxfire 9

Wiggindom,, Elliot - , I Wish I Could Give My Son A Raccoon

Gehring, Abigail R., Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, Third Edition

Benson,, Ragnar - , Do It Yourself Medicine

Benson,, Ragnar - , Survivalist's Medicine Chest

Benson,, Ragnar - , The Survival Nurse

Coffee,, Hugh L. - , Ditch Medicine: Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies

Desert Publishing -- ,  , Emergency Medical Care For Disaster

Delta Press -- ,  , N.A.T.O. Emergency War Surgery with 12pc Surgical Instruments

Delta Press -- ,  , Survival Medicine

Pelton,, Robert W. - , The Official Pocket Medical Survival Manual

Pelton,, Robert W. - , The Official Pocket Medicinal Plant Survival Manual

Craig,, Glen K. - , U. S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook

McDevitt,, Ian - , Tactical Medicine: An Introduction To Law Enforcement Emergency Care

Paladin Press -- ,  , Emergency War Surgery Handbook

Paladin Press -- ,  , Special Forces Medical Handbook     ST31-91B 1982 Revision

Paladin Press -- ,  , U.S. Air Force Search And Rescue Handbook

Preston,, Gilbert, Dr. MD - , A Falcon Guide: Wilderness First Aid

Werner,, David - , Where There Is No Dentist

Werner,, David - , Where There Is No Doctor

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft Book 04 - Use What Is Available

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 01 - Australian Traditional Bushcrafts

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 02 - Skills Of The Australian  Bushman

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 03 - Making Do In The Bush

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 05 - Develop Your Skills

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 06 - Old Ideas For Use Today

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 07 - Preserving Old Secrets

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 08 - Bush Leatherwork

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 09 - How To Make Whips

Edwards,, Ron - , Bushcraft:Book 10 - Living In The Bush

Mears,, Ray - , Ray Mear Goes Walkabout

Benson,, Ragnar - , *Live Off The Land In City And Country

Benson,, Ragnar - , *Survival Poaching

Benson,, Ragnar - , Ragnar's Urban Survival: A Hard Times Guide To Staying Alive In The City

Benson,, Ragnar - , Ragnar's Tall Tales

Chesbro,, Michael E. - , Communications For Survival And Self Reliance

Tappan,, Mel - , **Survival Guns

Tappan,, Mel - , **Tappan On Survival

Pugliese,, Micheal - , The Ultimate Survival Shelters: Construction Manual

Angier,, Bradford - , Wilderness Shelters And How To Build Them

Benson,, Ragnar - , The Modern Survival Retreat

Benson., Ragnar - , The Survival Retreat: A Total Plan For Retreat Defense

Delta Press - ,  , Defending Your Retreat: A Manual For Combat After The Collapse

Delta Press - ,  , The Ultimate Survival Shelter

Mack,, Jefferson - , The Safe House

Mulligan,, Michael - , Building A Log Cabin Retreat

Paladin Press - ,  , U S Army Survival Manual

Reid,, Reid - , The Extreme Survival Manual

Davies,, Barry - , Collins Gem: Hillwalker's Survival Guide

Davies,, Barry - , *Survival Is A Dying Art

Kincaid,, Reed - , The Extreme Survival Almanac

Paladin Press - ,  , Survival, Evasion And Escape

Hawke,, Mykel - , Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook: The Portable Guide to Getting Out Alive

Hawke,, Mykel - , Mykel Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual: Essential Strategies For: Shelter and Water, Food and Fire, Tools and Medicine, Navigation and Signalling, Survival Psychology and Getting Out Alive!

Davies,, Barry - , SAS Encyclopaedia Of Outdoor Survival

Davies,, Barry - , The SAS Encyclopaedia Of Survival

Davies,, Barry - , The SAS Jungle Survival Manual

Harris,, John Hobbis, Major - , SAS Soldier's Pocket Book

Harris,, John Hobbis, Major - , SAS Survival Flick Book

Harris,, John Hobbis, Major - , The SAS Survival Guide

Wiseman,, John "Lofty", Collins Gem: The SAS Survival Guide

Wiseman,, John "Lofty", The SAS Personal Trainer

Wiseman,, John "Lofty", The SAS Survival Handbook

Wiseman,, John "Lofty", The Urban Survival Handbook

Brandt,, R. P. - , Survival At Sea

Gray,, Jim - , Maritime Terror: Protecting Yourself Against Piracy

Black,, David - , What To Do When The Shit Hits The Fan

Brodrick,, Sean - , The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis

Christenson,, Loren - , The Mental Edge - Revised

Clayton,, Bruce D., Ph.D. - , Life After Doomsday

Clayton,, Bruce D., Ph.D. - , Life After Terrorism

Delta Press  - ,  , Vonulife

DePugh,, Robert B. - , Can You Survive

Long,, Duncan - , Apocalypse Tomorrow

Long., Duncan - , The Survival Bible

Lundin,, Cody - , When All Hell Breaks Loose

Rawles,, James Wesley - , How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times

Rawles,, James Wesley - , Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse

Rawles,, James Wesley - , Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse

Sibley,, Bruce - , Surviving Doomsday

Howard,, David A. - , The Survival Chemist: Explosives, Etc.

JANE'S - ,  , Jane's Chem - Bio Handbook

Kearney,, Cresson H. - , Nuclear War Survival Skills

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest Volume: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 2

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 3

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 4

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 5

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 6

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 7

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 8

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Digest 9

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Operation Order

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Organizer

Techerne,, Richard F. - , Ranger Rick's Little Book - Squad Leader

Wow, my friend you are a fountain of information! All these will go in our library of titles in what may be the most complete reference of Survival/Bushcraft books anywhere!

There's more coming--still have to format them--but over half of them were in our library when the house burnt down five years ago and a quarter reside in local Sportsman's Rod & Gun Club...The others are on the "To Buy" list when I/we get around to them.

You can also add homesteading and back-to-the-land books to the list as they are geared for a slightly different type of survival.

Steve"Hog"Hanner said:

Wow, my friend you are a fountain of information! All these will go in our library of titles in what may be the most complete reference of Survival/Bushcraft books anywhere!

Steve, in case Shlomo hasn't given you enough to read, you might find an obscure magazine called "The Backwoodsman" of interest. It's published bi-monthly & I noticed that the latest Sept.-Oct. issue made reference to Horace Kephart's book called "Camping and Woodcraft" which I'm currently reading.

I picked up my copy of this magazine at "Barnes & Noble" and found it of interest as it contains articles on guns, knives, knife making, axes, bows &  arrows and lances along with information in general on "the way's of old".

Thanks Kent, that is another good reference. Shlomo made the comment he may have more so probably best to cancel satellite and settle in for a winters reading! This is shaping up as a great resource to look for publication names.


Steve, in case Shlomo hasn't given you enough to read, you might find an obscure magazine called "The Backwoodsman" of interest. It's published bi-monthly & I noticed that the latest Sept.-Oct. issue made reference to Horace Kephart's book called "Camping and Woodcraft" which I'm currently reading.

I picked up my copy of this magazine at "Barnes & Noble" and found it of interest as it contains articles on guns, knives, knife making, axes, bows &  arrows and lances along with information in general on "the way's of old".

Backwoods Magazine is a great publication that I’ve been reading for years—even had a subscription for about ten years that I let lapse and now will only buy sporadically, whenever there is a number of articles and/or columns to warrant it…Their gun column is being written by the pistolero extraordinaire, noted trainer and trial ballistics expert and not a bad guy as well, Massad Ayoob…In that self same genre of oldie but goodie publication; covering mostly the same topics with more emphasis on trapping is Fur, Fish & Game Magazine…There are also the major competing trio who’ve been publishing articles under one banner head or the other since the late 1800s—Outdoor Life, Filed & Stream and Sports Afield.

Here are some of the magazines I’ve subscribed to or purchase at the counter.

* Backwoods Home

* Fur, Fish & Game

* Outdoor Life

* Field & Stream

* Sports Afield

* Mother Earth News

* Countryside & Small Stock Journal

(E-mag) Anvil – Blacksmithing Online magazine

* Primitive Archer

# Traditional Bowhunter

# Backpacker

# Canoe & Kayak

# Wooden Boat

^ On the Trail

^ Muzzleblasts (NMLRA)

* Muzzleloader

(E-mag) Muzzle Blasts Online

(E-mag) The Blackpowder Journal

* The Blackpowder Cartridge Journal

^ The Single Shot Exchange Magazine

^ ASSRA - American Single Shot Rifle Association

* Man at Arms - Mowbray Publishing

# Arms Heritage Magazine

(E-mag) Arms Collector,como

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine

^ NRA – National Rifle Assoc. , publishing—
* American Shooter,
* American Hunter and
* Shooting Illustrated

# Gray's Sporting Journal

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Hi Shlomo! My goodness but you are a wealth of outdoors information. I had no idea that Fur-Fish-Game was still in business? I used to buy that magazine back in the early sixties when I was 14-15 years old. I was buying Case & Buck fixed blade knives back in an era when kids could still purchase & own such items. Camping & outdoor magazines all seemed to go together naturally. Funny, but not much has really changed.

Isn't that a great list?  I think out of all those we currently get two, Mother Earth and Countryside. I am interested in that trapping information as I do some of that now. Great stuff Shlomo, a worthwhile effort!

@ Kent it is funny isn't it, you think everything has changed but a lot of the same publications are still helpful.

Here is a liink from Survival Spot for 120 Useful Books for your Survival Library


There's quite a few that he's got that aren't on my list, really, I'm not kidding you--Remember that I really stopped buying ten, fifteen years ago and a lot has been published since then--mostly rehashing stuff that was printed in the 1980s the was copied from books of the 1960s who got their information from books of the 1930s to 1950s who got their info from the first published books of the late 19th century to the 1920s...There are a few titles I'm going to be researching from his list for possible purchase.


While a lot of the topics are redundant the list was compiled so that the one hundred odd members of the local shooting and outdoor club wouldn't duplicate titles (other then some of the classics)...We had some forty percent of the books at the club house that could be loaned out, library style and the data base indicated who owned which book(s) and you would be contacted by the person asking to borrow it if it wasn't on the shelves in the clubhouse.


Pitching a shelter hasn't changed other then the materials used--canvas, then rip stop nylon or 6mil poly (vapour barrier) or Tyvek house wrap both of which are in my EDC carry pack in the bush.


If it doesn't link here is the actual page:


pretty good site, actually even with its under abundance of information.


White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery


Maher & Grosh



JSR Sports!

gear2survive !

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