You wake up early in the morning alone in the wilderness with no survival gear and your only tool is a fixed blade knife with a half-serrated blade.  Which 5 survival tasks should be your highest priorities and in what order?  (Hint: Is your knife the only weapon you need to protect yourself from predators?  Maybe you should make a hunting spear before you do anything else.)

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My thanks to Charles Sample for his response to my Survival Priorities scenario and the comments submitted by other folks here.  I admit that my caveman example wasn't very well thought out with respect to how cavemen killed wooly mammoths by working as a team and using better spears than my pointed staff, so thanks for the correction, Charles.

Charles mentioned Jan Carter's comments about the importance of mindset in survival situations and expanded on them with some good logic and advice, which I sincerely appreciate.

I especially like Charles' comment about what he calls the "totality of your situation" and how your priorities have to be set after you assess the totality of your situation.  His examples are great for illustrating that point, and I agree wholeheartedly with his logic and advice.

So, as a parting comment, I would note that there seems to be a consensus that before you start doing any of the traditional top priority survival tasks, your highest priority should be to assess your situation and arrange those priorities accordingly.  Maybe they teach this in survival training and exercises, but I've never had any formal training of that kind, so I'm grateful to Charles, Jan and other folks who have given similar advice in response to my scenario. 

Good job, Charles and Jan!  This has been a great ex-spear-ience for me.  :)  Thank you all!


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