Arguably, the easiest & most frequently used method for dating cutlery.


Do you have a unique/rare stamping ??


Care to share a pic & a bit of history ??


Just as important ... a stamping that's just a little (or, a lot) suspect.





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the case 25 cent stamp is awesome alan.

Waggoner, Alan said:

I think this is an attractive stamp that case used on tested era auto opening knives. This is the 61214 1/2. The second is a seldom seen 25 cent knife. There is a little history of the 25 cent 6106 on page 34 of "Images of America W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company by Boser and Sullivan. A must have for Case collectors. 

really great c platts's sons knife alan!
D ale said:

Oh my, Alan .. I'm guessing you know how rare that is .. way cool !!!

Waggoner, Alan said:

very knice knife Michael.
Michael Squier said:

Here is my early Case & Son blade stamping. circa 1912 to 1915,made in western NY before the other sons joined in.

great vintage ulster find sue!

Sue OldsWidow said:

Trying to date this one


Can't help you with the Ulster Sue.

Thanks Ron, I still have all appendages after completing the purchase, just left some long green behind! :)

Ron Cooper said:

Whoa, Alan!

How many arms, legs, and or body parts this you have to sacrifice for this amazing piece of cutlery history?

What a score!

And in the realm of tang stamps you really got a good 'un!


Yes sir I was aware of the availability of this knife and therefore did not pass up the chance to own it. Thanks for your comments.

tim payne said:

really great c platts's sons knife alan!
D ale said:

Oh my, Alan .. I'm guessing you know how rare that is .. way cool !!!

Waggoner, Alan said:

John McCain made interesting comments to the history of the Platts knives at the point that Charles died and the Platts brothers began their subsequent split. C. PLATT'S SONS ca. 1900-1905; PLATTS BROS ELDRED, PA ca. 1905; PLATTS BROS ANDOVER, N.Y. ca. 1907

Landers, Frary & Clark Circa 1909 . This is on a plain hilt bowie about 6.5" blade and a plastic like grip somulating stag but solid black. It may be hard rubber. L.F.&C. also made early toasters. 

That is a very cool stamping!


the LFC knives of old are high quality. Here is one I accidentally won in an online auction. It is a nice 3 5/8" whittler.

Jan Carter said:

That is a very cool stamping!

Here is one of my favorite Case tested era tang stamps. It is pretty rare. This one is a 9201R.


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