By re-worksd knives, I mean modern knives that have had new handles made out of exotic woods, bone, Mammoth teeth, Mammoth ivory, and last, but not least, gem stones... like opal, or jade! There are some beautiful knives out there, and in my collection that are worth of attention.

And here's one made by Ed Olson in Texas. A dear friend and fellow Ford lover. One of his carvings was featured on the August page of the WR Case Catalog along with one of my Seahorses. This is... Cottonwood seed! You know those things that look like snow flying all over the place in the spring? That's it. Stabilized cotton wood seen. And my friend Bill Evans invented the "layered Blue Jeans" handles. It's beautiful, and works like any other acrylic. Shines like a diamond in a goat's behind!

And finally, Gavalia Seed pods from Australia with Kangaroo inlay bu Bob Picklesimer.

And here's a link to one from Michael Hoover on Fox Island up in Washington State. He is a master gem cutter and comes up with some beautiful stuff! Since there are some high powered Elephant Toe collectors on here, I thought you might be interested. Even though it's not an antique. It's still awfully beautiful!

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Thanks, FYI I do have more of the run of 10 in this series if interested.

I appreciate the craftsmanship and the beauty of the finished product, but when I combine fine materials to a working knife it becomes a safe queen. I used to think I had enough of those, but now my user selection is very abundant. It is time to research a high end customizer.

Those are some beautiful knives all of you have posted. I collect pre 2004 Schrades. A few years back I became acquainted with Herman Williams. He was Schrades in house customizer for 25 years. The red smooth bones are Schrades 1983 Heritage set. In 85-86 The barlow was replaced with the small jack which is one of my favorite patterns, the problem with just adding it to my set was it had an 85 shield and I could only find it in brown bone. I always thought the set should have had a fixed blade as well, so Herman fixed me up.

Three Sharpfingers in Sambar Stag - Ram's horn - brown peachseed jigged bone

and an ongoing collection of Schrades re-handled in white bone

Wow, a lot of fine looking knives here.  Makes me drool!

Those are some beautiful whittlers! I'm having a couple worked up this year by Bob Picklesimer. I'll be sure to post some pics here. 1 with elk and another with rams horn.


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