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Topic: Dalton Holder Custom Knives
October 23, 2013
Dalton Holder – This is my Knife
When the knife making profession started to structure itself, through the impetus
of Bob Loveless, there were only a handful of cutlers in the United States who
worked to establish the Knifemakers Guild in 1969. Dalton Holder soon joined
them and such was his renown that he was elected president on an
unprecedented two occasions, in 1982 and 1996. After spending his free time as
a student, “customizing” his friends hunting knives in Texas, he started producing
them as a hobby in 1968. His university education, combined with his work as
sales manger for a major company and his passion for art, notably sculpture,
were considerable assets when he launched himself into knife making full time.
He first creation, that has gone down to posterity, he simply called “My Knife,”
this model is famous the world over.
“My Knife” was a straight model whose handle was made of amber and oosic
with brass divisions. This model was Dalton Holders calling card, and he signed
the blades “Dholder.”
No one has ever copied him and for twenty-seven years orders from collectors
have never stopped flowing in. Unable to build a reputation on a single model, he
quickly designed a number of others, all of them straight, with a particularly
robust blade and handle. However beautiful his knives maybe, his knives were
intended to be used in hunting and fishing.
As for his sheaths, he always uses the most beautiful leather, embossed with
iron for a “basket” effect, and highly finished to the smallest detail, just like the
knives that they contain.

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