My Page Help

My Page Help

1. Can I change what photos, videos, and forum posts show up on My Page? Absolutely! Click "Edit" in the header of the item you want to modify and change the "From" field. You can have either the most recent or the most popular Forum discussions appear, your most recently added videos and photos or the most recently added photos and videos from the network.

2. How do I change the theme of my page?When you join iKnifeCollector, a profile page is created for you under the My Page tab. You can edit your page's theme by logging in to the network and clicking the My Page tab.  You can choose a theme for your page, entirely separate from the network's theme, from the list of more than 30 available themes. You can also change the font, color and spacing of your page. You can even add your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). , go to the Advanced tab. Click here to learn more about CSS.

3. Can I remove a feature from showing on My Page? Yes. To remove a feature from your page, simply click on the "Edit" button in the header of the item you want to remove. Change "Show" to 0. Others won't see the box until you change it back.

4. Who can comment on my profile? Comments to your profile appear under your My Page tab at the bottom of the middle column. Any person who belongs to the same network as you can comment on your profile on that network, and you can comment on any person's profile on any network you belong to. You can, however, turn on comment moderation for your profile. Go to your My Page tab and locate the Comment Wall. Click the "Edit" button in the header and click the "Yes - approve comments first" option. Click save. You will now be able to review comments to your profile before they are made public.

5. What is a text box? What can I put in my text box? A text box is a box to which you can add a variety of content. It's just another way to make your page your own! Simply click the "Edit" button in the top right corner of the text box on your My Page to get started. Network Creators and Administrators can add the following content to text boxes: Text HTML Pictures Widgets JavaScript Network members can add the following to the text boxes on their 'My Page': Text HTML Pictures Widgets Permalink

6. Why don't I see the forum, photos, music or video section on My Page? If the Network Creator has not added these features to the main page of the network, they will not appear on anyone's page on the network. However, you can easily add photos to your text box. You can also embed videos or a music player from another network into the text box.

7. What is the RSS box for? The RSS box on your My Page allows you to display a news feed from another site on the web, onto your page. Click the "Edit" button in the header of the RSS box to make changes. You can change the title displayed in the header of the section to reflect the subject of the feed, type in the URL of the feed, change the display to detail view or titles only, and change the number of items appearing in this box from 0 to 10.

8. Can I add my own CSS to My Page? Absolutely! Go to your My Page tab and click on "Theme" under your profile picture. Under "Now Customize Your Page," go to the Advanced tab to add your own CSS to your My Page.

9. How do I hide a feature on My Page? To hide a feature on your page, click the 'edit' button in the corner of the feature you'd like to hide. Then, select Show: 0 from the drop-down menu. Click 'Save' and it will no longer show up for the members!

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