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Kershaw – Cutting Edge

iKnife Collector Hosted by Gus Marsh Topic: Kershaw - Cutting Edge May 28, 2014   Kershaw – Cutting Edge   The first members of the Kershaw family were trappers in Oregon, that state where… View »

Bill Pease, The Preacher Bladesmith

Before turning their hobby into a full-time profession, most of the great knifemakers pursued other trades. Whether that is a carpenter, mechanic, lawyer, architect, chemist engineer or dentist. This… View »

Warren Osborne – The Texan with Simple Tastes.

When you live in Waxahachie, a small Texan town of 15,000 souls, traffic jams and tall buildings hold little attraction. As near as Dallas may be, one rarely goes there. Every Bladesmith injects a li… View »


Please don't take advantage of our community by advertising your company, your products or your services on iKC, including but not limited to the following: chat, status updates, Blog posts, Forum di… View »

Topic: A. G. Russell

iKnife Collector Hosted by Gus Marsh Topic: A. G. Russell September 25, 2013 A. G. Russell was born August 27, 1933 in Eudora, Arkansas, Eudora, a sleepy Delta hamlet located in the southeast corner… View »

Specially Designed Knives For Space

iKnife Collector Hosted by Gus Marsh Topic: Specially Designed Knives For Space September 11, 2013 Specially Designed Knives for Space When astronauts embark onboard their vessel to accomplish anot… View »


  For those pages we need to get to (even if we did not know about them) NKCA Youth KNIFERIGHTS.ORG A.G. Russell Knives Alabama Damascus   Blue Creek Cutlery Bruce Voyles Auc… View »


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