There are a few plastic-handled knives that are really worth collecting. One is Spyderco's Endura/Delica series. Part of what makes these so fun to collect is the number of variations that are made available.

Benchmade's Griptilian series is another great plastic-handled series to collect. In some regards, it's a step "up" from Spyderco's Endura/Delica in the sense that not only can you get different colored handles, you can get different blade steels. Take the full-size Grip in this photo. All basic black. Simple. Effective. Clean. Strong. But everybody has seen plenty of black knives, right? Right. So why is this one noteworthy? Good question! The blade steel on this is D2. That and...though I have several Grips in a variety of configurations, I lacked the basic black-handled one with a black blade. I picked this up...a bit ago...during a trip to Cabela's. Somewhere...I think that I heard that the D2 variant is specially "reserved" for Cabela's. In any event, the quality on this knife is superb. And it was plenty sharp right out of the box (I mention this because a year or two ago, Benchmade struggled with sending out sharp knives).

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