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buck custom 110 in exotic wood with filework and mosaic pins from 1995 for this lucky me

today i walked in an oudoor  shop ( very basic ) here in the countryside near where i live and took a look at the simple and small knife display
nothing special..... just the usual cheap stuff 
almost left the place when i saw this very nice buck 110  in exotic wood with gorgeous filework and mosaic pins !!......  i put on my most innocent face and asked the (ignorant) shopkeeper what it was
"oh   from an old stock ...from 20 years back or so... found it only a few weeks ago.. i will make a special price for you if you like it... the guys say its a bit of a special knife from the united states .. yes really ! " 

i said well this must be really special it is about the most expensive knife you sell man ! ( lookin at the price tag and frowning )

he said   "well i have no box or pouch for it cos my cousin who doesnt work here anymore planned this one for himself but forgot all about it  and put it in his drawer years ago... what about 150 $  ??     what about 120 ?  i said........no one will buy such a knife here man ....come one   

i walked out the door with a big smile and a lovely 110 in my pocket 
still not sure what i exactly bought   but you will see the pictures soon .... its really nice !!


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