Does anyone ask you (when they need to cut something) if you have a knife? AND THEY KNOW YOU DO???

This happens to me all the time.

I know its just a question, but its getting pretty annoying.

The people that ask this question know that I carry a knife all of the time, so why not change the question to "can you cut this for me?" or "can I use your knife?"

My boss gives me this one at least once a week. "Nick, do you have a knife?"

I look at him with a funny look and he realizes that what he just asked was a dumb question.

Tell me how your guys' experiences are.

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Comment by Nick Hansen on May 9, 2009 at 20:04
Thats a good idea.

From now on, it'll be a funny look (one that says "you know I do") and then a walk in the other direction.
Comment by Anthony (ChanceToFade) on May 9, 2009 at 11:49
I have this happen to me a few times, and I think it's because the person spots the pocket clip and either wants to prove its a knife or just see it.

By prove I mean like "HAHA! So you are carrying a knife!"

Or the rarer occasions where I whip out my Tenacious "Wow, nice mod! (got the ziptie on it) and they want to hold it or check it out or cut something themselves...
Comment by Cam on May 9, 2009 at 2:22
It's not a problem where i live because knives are basically illegal so no one asks. Even asking for scissors in the wrong way could see you in court the next day, So people here use their teeth to cut LOL
But if someone did ask i would gladly hand my knife over to them and if they get cut bad luck, they can't blame the knife it's just doing its job.
Comment by J.T. [HELLZZARMY] on May 9, 2009 at 1:16
I set them straight by telling them the only thing my knives are going to cut is the punk trying to assault or jack me. This was before I started carrying a Leatherman Juice S2 regularly. I told them my knives are weapons.
Sure I know a knife can be used to cut string, open boxes, peel an apple, etc...I NEVER DO/THAT'S JUST ME...lol! By now they're rummaging through someones desk for a scissors or box cutter.
Am I wrong? I don't give a rat's @ss they're my knives...lol!
Comment by Charles Ray Wagnor on May 7, 2009 at 11:57
They don't ask me any more. I usually just grin and hand them the one in my back pocket,
Last two guys that used my knives cut themself pretty bad, LOL. I have this ol German Hone
and a leather strop here at my desk at work. Sure makes a blade sharp. By the way the one
in my back pocket is an ol Sod Buster that is about 30 years old, One of them good ones with
the old black carbon steel blade. 200 people in this building and they all know that the old man
is to old to fight. He just pulls the knive out of his pocket and starts cleaning his finger nails, LOL they all back off.
Then again another quick story, the president of the company gave me an old buck that
had never been sharpened, he was going hunting and thought he needed a knife to take with
him. I sharpened it up and told him to be carefull, so what does he do, tests it out on his
thumb. LOL 6 stitches.
Comment by Keelen Grimm on May 7, 2009 at 6:47
I get asked the same question all the time. If someone I don't know asks me I am always happy to help and lend my knife to the cause. I always find it funny when my parents or friends ask if I have a knife... Its like they had a brain fart and forgot that I have an entire collection and never leave the house with out at least one.

When someone asks if I have a knife and always say yes but I always try to be the one who performs the task with the knife and not let them use it. I do this mainly because I don't want them to mess the knife up and also I don't want them to hurt themselves. When someone asks for your knife do you give it to them or do you do it?


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