The 2015 DKE (Dutch Knife Exhibition) and my personal experience this year.

So this past saturday we had the DKE. And unlike some previous years where I was able to take LOT's of pictures and write commentairy for them.

This year I didn't get around to that at all. But let me tell you about the show from the perspective of a fairly novice maker. (This was only my 3rd show attending as a maker)

At 6:30am a friend of mine came to pick me up. The guy is one of my closest friends and although we sometimes don't talk to each other for weeks or even months we always pick up right where we leave.

I'd already packed up everything the day before. And was ready to go (including breakfast to eat in the car). The 40 or so minute ride (it's pretty close to where we live) was pretty uneventful and the first order of buisiness was finding out where our table was going to be.

Once spotted time to figure out placement and puzzle around a bit with the limited space.

We were done by around 8:00 and this gave me a little time to look around, shake some hands and greet some people. I was back at my table by 8:50 and ready to greet the public which'd show up around 9. From that point on the whole day was busy busy busy.

Here's what the table looked lik before the public started coming in.

An overall shot:

My wife'd made some Tshirts

Some of my file knives and a Loveless style knife

Couple of smaller knives

Couple of bigger ones

Little Undertakers

And the bigger ones from a different angle.

So I spent the day shaking hands, telling people about Wootz, grind geometry, steel types, and all sorts of other stuff.

Sold a bunch of knives too. The big Rasp Bowie is gone, The small Loveless is gone, one of my file knives is gone and that curvy blade with Wootz and the lovely Sycamore is gone.

With only an hour to go the public was clearing out. And I finally had some breathing room to look around myself. Bought some goodies too, some nice wooden scales From left to right: Rosewood, Gabon Ebony, Padauk and Snakewood.

Some lovely Russian Damascus steel (those guys do amazing work at an affordable price) from top to bottom: Ladder, Pyramid, Twist and Random patterns.

And a little stainless:

All in all I had a great day. Wish I had more pictures. If I happen to come across some more I'll add them.

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