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For a long time we at iKnife Collector have had or discussed in some form or another the ability to review knives for our membership. Many, many people, organizations, websites and YouTube users, do currently provide knife reviews. Some are good, some not so.

But as our membership continues to grow we felt this was an important thing to bring to our community. In doing that we  created a group called A Sharper Review. In it we have attempted and will continue to attempt to standardize testing for various types of knives. Yes, there are a great number of variables and yes it is often a well debated subject. For us it marks a start in that direction. We welcome additional input and discussion that contributes to providing a format for people to use for reviewing knives. Anyone can review a knife and we hope to have lots of them. The formats as they evolve are available to guide.

Knife reviews will be posted in Forum under A Sharper Review. They may contain pictures and text and serve the purpose of just educating someone who is thinking of buying that very knife.

As they are posted, member readers can make comments on whether or not a particular knife review helped you. Be constructive in criticism if there is something you don't like or think is unfair. What could that person have done better and how could they have done it better.By the same token, reviewers will need to be objective in comments and learn from positive or constructive feedback. We are a community trying to learn a practice that has gone on for sometime.


Thanks everybody for the hard work and effort to get this project to this point. Now, on to the reviews!




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