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At 4:47 on September 26, 2013, Jan Carter said…

Good Morning and happy birthday my friend.  I hope the day is filled with wonder and joy 

At 4:46 on September 26, 2013, Ron Cooper said…

Cowabunga, Dude!

A beautiful new bride AND a Birthday both in the same year!?!

Sheesh! Some guys just have ALL the Luck!

Happy B-Day, my Broster!

At 1:39 on September 26, 2013, Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said…

Happy Birthday Indian!!! Honoured to call you friend! Hope you have the best of days with your beautiful new wife and extended family!!

At 0:15 on September 26, 2013,
Craig Henry


At 0:06 on September 26, 2013, Max McGruder said…

Happy Birthday!

At 18:20 on September 25, 2013,
In Memoriam
Robert Burris

Hey Indian, Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good one.

At 13:53 on July 27, 2013, Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said…

Congratulations on your wedding, Indian! Laura and I (yes, I got my wife onto the site!) wish you and your new bride all the best! The pictures you posted look incredible, you have a beautiful looking family there! We hope that together, your lives will be filled with joy and wonder. Take care, both of you, and once again...Congrats!!

At 8:01 on July 2, 2013, Jim Thompson said…

Thanks for the comment on my "Case Triple Crown" set of knives. Been collecting for close to 40 years and this set highlights my collection. You have some great knives as well as other collectables and the desert pictures sure got me hungry.

At 7:56 on June 27, 2013, Tracey Reed said…

Good morning and thank you for letting me know your knife arrived and that you are pleased.  Danny is always open to negotiating a reasonable deal so call any time.  Thanks also for posting the picture of the Tuna Valley Mountain Man.  They have all been such beautiful knives.  We are pretty excited to be working with the entire group at Queen.  FANTASTIC people, all of them.

Also, thank you for all of your time, comments and pictures on iKnife.  Being a new member I have spent a great deal of time on here.  Be safe and stay in touch.  Have a great day!

At 15:20 on June 9, 2013, Ron Cooper said…

Hey, my broster!

I'm glad that tip worked for you.

Rock on, my friend!

At 7:12 on April 22, 2013, Chuck Parham said…

I agree with you Indian. Stag, brass, and Damascus are a Tripple Crown winner. Beautiful brass gleaming in the light, the feel of a hefty stag handle, and the intriguing look of different Damascus patterns make an elegant knife. Wish they made more of them.

At 12:36 on March 28, 2013, Lee Saunders said…

thank you Indian. i have not been on that site for awhile so i will have to go hunting for antique Russels.  i like your profile pics.  many beautiful knifes.

At 7:18 on March 23, 2013, Stanley May said…

Your comment helps a whole lot Indian.  About the same as a rubber crutch!

At 20:59 on March 22, 2013,
In Memoriam
Robert Burris

My friend, I lost the love of my life back in November. I am still wondering about life and our time here. I lost my daughter, several years back and I have raised my grand daughters ever since. Things have turned bad, both times, with my grand daughters. I see, you are a great hunter, I have been good in the past, but all this is over whelming. Please, pray for my little family.

At 16:04 on March 15, 2013, J.J. Smith III said…

Indian,  keep them pics coming...

At 20:37 on March 12, 2013,
In Memoriam
Robert Burris

You are so lucky, to get a chance to bag a Buffalo, Bless ya'll heart.

At 20:30 on March 12, 2013,
In Memoriam
Robert Burris

Yea buddy, I've eaten buffalo, only once and I thought it was great. I eat, mostly Whitetail deer, wild hog and a variety of small game and wild fowl. I guess, the people that eat a majority of store bought food, may think we are crazy. Well, I may be crazy, but I eat some fine wild game and alot of some great home raised vegetables, fruits, poultry and sheep.

At 21:43 on March 9, 2013,
Dave Taylor

Greetings Indian!!

I am now officially your Friend.  Both here and elsewhere!  lol

Tansi My Brother.

Badger #1


At 15:51 on March 9, 2013, J.J. Smith III said…

Not a problem, Indian.  I see you're bringing lunch...

Again welcome aboard. 

At 10:53 on March 9, 2013, Max McGruder said…

Welcome to iKC!

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