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At 17:09 on January 14, 2018, Peter Viceroy said…

Thanks for the add! 

At 13:44 on January 13, 2018, Lewis E.Ward said…


Thanks. I'll ease in slowly. Already found a friend in the Whittler's and Carver's group-Bob Stadtlander. I'veknown him for over 20 years when we were in a local carving group. He has moved away, but comes to the show every year.

Looks like a great group.

At 15:16 on January 2, 2018, Kevin M said…

Steve , 

Thank you for the welcome. You and many others have already extended a welcome today and it sure makes a person feel good to have all the welcomes.

I will check out the forum rules and make sure to follow the. It looks like a large site so it may take a while getting the hang of moving about the forum and posting , but getting a bit of practice in now.

Thanks again for the welcome.

At 11:53 on December 24, 2017, Patrick Langan said…

Thanks Steve, I am relatively new to collecting so I'm sure I will have a lot of questions and need advice from people who know about how and what to collect.

At 17:13 on December 20, 2017,
Brian Ferguson

Hey Manx,  thank you for welcoming me aboard. I look forward to sharing with the group.


At 21:58 on December 8, 2017, Billy W Pike said…

Thanks for the birthday wishes

At 19:24 on December 8, 2017, Walter Syroid Jr said…

Thank-You for the Birthday Wishes!!!!!

At 16:17 on December 8, 2017, Bill DeShivs said…

Thank you for the birthday wish!

Bill DeShivs

At 0:48 on November 30, 2017, Aebelskiver said…

Greetings, Steve, and thank you very much for your kind welcome. 


John (Aebelskiver)

At 18:41 on November 27, 2017, Billy Oneale said…
Thank you, Manx
At 11:37 on November 24, 2017, Bill Perlman said…

Thanks and glad to be here. After many years of buying and selling knives, Ive finally decided to learn something about them, and how to clean, protect and preserve them.

I was fascinated by a quite long and comtentious list of comments back from 2010 and 2011 on differing thought on cleaning blades, or not. It was interesting but left me with no clear answer.

I have tried to remove black crud from blades, especially when the maker's name is not readable, but I've always used non-abrasive materials. WD-40 and Nevr-dull are my main ones.

Do you have any opinion on approach to dirt and rust?

At 13:36 on November 17, 2017, Rodger Bickham said…

Thanks for the welcome,  great to be part of the group

At 12:08 on November 8, 2017,
Angel Bichev

Oh I see.

But what if I still want to sell one particular knife?

At 22:44 on November 5, 2017, Harry Meyer said…

Manx, Thank you for the "welcome aboard". Harry

At 16:48 on November 4, 2017, Edd Stanton said…

Thank you for all the warm welcomes

At 12:45 on October 30, 2017, Lawrence Hanus said…
Thanks for the warm welcome and very quick response!
At 21:01 on October 29, 2017, Lori Bowers said…

Thank you Steve, I sure do hope I stay sharp.

At 18:38 on October 27, 2017, Don Close said…
Hi Steve thanks for the welcome and tips. I am looking to gain knowledge in knife collecting hobby, especially as it pertains to traditional knives. What are some of your favorite brands, patterns, etc. Once again thanks for the welcome
At 13:18 on October 10, 2017, Mark Gibbs said…

Thanks for the welcome to IKC.

At 17:30 on September 11, 2017, Cinder Phillips said…
Thanks! I've never encountered such a nice group.

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