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At 15:20 on May 7, 2009, Zach Ratcliffe said…
Thanks for the welcome. This seems like a really neat place. You got yourself an awesome profile going on. Take care...

At 15:20 on May 7, 2009, Alden Rowe said…
Here is a video of why people like them and a link to their site.



Its funny, I took a break from collecting knives but SYCO re sparked my interest.
At 9:39 on May 7, 2009, Adam Grandstaff said…
Thank you.
At 1:03 on May 7, 2009, Cam said…
thanks for the welcome
At 23:42 on May 6, 2009, Brady Townsend said…
At 23:32 on May 6, 2009, rocky said…
At 17:31 on May 6, 2009, Steve wells said…
Hey JJ
Still waiting for some prices on the peach seed monkeys
At 8:45 on May 6, 2009, Doug Scearce said…
JJ its takes more time than I thought to add knives this is my
first time doing so, but there is a lot more coming! LOL
At 22:03 on April 30, 2009, Jeffery Pratt said…
Yes I'm a Sharpfans member too. matt17saws
You got a nice home page here.I like your picture album too.I need to do take pictures of my favorite knifes . I sell on E-bay too, just to support the habit !! LOL I love that collection of Seahorse whittlers you got.
At 18:35 on April 30, 2009, Steve wells said…
Thanks JJ
Just trying to get all my knives on the page-hopeing a Russlock Collector may need the info. on the pics, and it is FUN
At 10:25 on April 30, 2009,
In Memoriam
Scott King
Cool peach pits. I noticed them, I thought on your hat in one of your pics.
On the map, yeah, I thought that was cool too. You see how many of us put our geo location, about 3%. Maybe once we are good and off the ground, we can strong arm folks into putting it on their page. You know our place is probably much more personal in terms of relating to each other than any other place I have seen online- in terms of knife places, anyway. Not everyone is comfortable with that.....yet :)
At 7:00 on April 30, 2009,
In Memoriam
Scott King
Two questions: What is a peach monkey and do you carve them? (that's only one of my questions)
And, what is the app you loaded "Emote"? I really haven't had time to go poking deep in the applications yet.
At 17:00 on April 29, 2009, Steve wells said…
JJ if you sell the carvings I would like a copy of what you have.
It been a long time since i have seen Peach Seed Carvings W O W
At 15:56 on April 29, 2009, Steve wells said…
Thats the monkey I was talking about-great job
At 12:25 on April 29, 2009, Steve wells said…
Thanks JJ
At 6:49 on April 29, 2009,
In Memoriam
Scott King
Now you have me curious. What photo program do you use? I like how you did the beveled edge on it.
At 21:15 on April 28, 2009,
In Memoriam
Scott King
Whatever you said seems to be working for the most part....about folks loading their pic. :)
At 16:33 on April 28, 2009, Gary Kennedy said…
Thanks I'm not as good as you are with my pictures maybe you could share what camera and how you set up yours looks great Gary
At 7:07 on April 28, 2009, Rusty R Halsey said…
This sounds good! Normal can be boring, a little off center keeps us alert & looking forward to the future.
At 6:16 on April 28, 2009, Rusty R Halsey said…
May I call you JJ? Thanks for the invite! You sure come up with some unusual, interesting & just plain good looking knives.

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