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  I recently made a pretty decent purchase on ebay. 5 Colt knives along with 2 RR knives from the same seller for a very good price.

  No pics yet as I'm waiting for delivery. My question is one of the knives is a Colt 706 FatBoy. I've never seen one or heard of a Colt FatBoy. It has what is called a Damascened blade on it and the scales appear to be wood with what looks like a small bone insert on the scale.

  I have done some research and found no pics or info other than it is or was China manifactured and there does not seem to be any available. At least anywhere I've looked. 

I'd really like to be able to find out more about this knife. Reguardless if its a clunker or a keeper

         Thanks............  Wally G.

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I do know there is a CT706 often referred to as a chubby.  I can't wait to see the pics and maybe we can answer a bit for you

  The knives I posted about arrived today. There are 5 Colt knives, 1 Colt Ct310 China made, 2 colt Ct311's with different colored scales on each side and a Ct671 then the Ct706 FatBoy. The FatBoy is the one I have questions about. As I've not heard of a Colt knife by that name.

  I did find a Colt Chubby but its a Ct703 and quite different from the Ct706. Here are the pictures of them

I've been doing a bit more research on the Colt CT706 knife. It seems that Cutlery Corner sold this knife as the CT706 Chubby. There does not seem to be to many of these around and for me its more of a keeper item as I can't see any practical use for it.

 The way its built is a bit unusal and its a bit small for my hand. I like the fact that its a lockback. I've seen a couple of pictures of a couple others and the pattern on the blades looks identical......  So not a Damascus steel blade but as its stated a damascsened finished blade....... what ever that is. That the knife is unusal in looks and the way its built makes it a keeper for me.  That goes back to my addiction for bright sharp bladed things (Knives)

I just noticed that the time stamp for my camera is off by 6 days.............  :(

dam·a·scened given a wavy pattern by hammer-welding and repeated heating and forging.  It loosely means to give steel a wavy pattern.  I am going to take a wild guess that Cutlery Corner did not buy true forged steel for this so the loose definition is what I would choose

  Well I kind of figured it is a inexpenseve knife. Although I did see it listed for 34.00 on one website, however it is stated that it is unavailable or should I say discontinued.

 I'm not quite sure if the blade is capable of holding a decent edge for even a short period of time or if keeping it sharp is a waste of time. It has a fair edge on it at present  (cuts paper with ease) To me it kinda looks like a short but oversize box cutter with a Damascus Steel looking blade. That is what I thought the blade was when I first saw it.

  Aw well its different looking enough to me to add to my collection. It never hurts to have one that is unusal in the mix just for fun.............  :)....            Wally G.

           BTW......  27.00 plus 6.00 shipping for all 7 knives.......  I consider that a bargin

Unusual knives are always fun.

$33.00 is a bargain.

you did good.

  Thanks J.J. I like to think at times I get a deal every now and then. I was really after the 3 Colt and the two RR knives and thought about asking the seller to keep the other two as they were not of much interest to me. After a bit of thought I figured just get them all. it was a very good deal.

  Jan really helped with finding out what the blade is and that is part of what makes the CT706 a bit different along with the style of the frame and scales........  thanks Jan.

Yep.  I've seen their "Chubby Cousins" series, which were kinda quirky in their own right.

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