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  I've been kinda in and out here and usually stop by to read threads that concern knives that I have and some of those lead to other websites that have info that I'm looking for about a particular knife that's in my small collection.

  I am more into the folding lockback knives like the Buck 110/112's and others like them and I have a pretty good interest in the Schrade Oldtimer knives. Although at present I only have two and one Uncle Henry lockback.

  I am very fond of the OldTimer knives. I like them far better that the Buck or Case and the Uncle Henry knives. My favorite of the OldTimer knives is the 1250T. The job I had at the time required that I had to carry a decent knife for work.

 As I already had the 1250T as a carry knife  it was time to put it to the test and put it to the test I did. How badly it was abused and used is too long a story. I will say that 1250T was the best knife I ever owned. Not only was it easy to bring to a razor edge but it held that edge.

 I would sharpen it when I got off of work so it was ready for the next day and I would touch it up during our lunch break. Several other coworkers were so impressed with mine they went and bought their own.

 My 1250T came to a sad end as it was stolen and I never knew who stole it. I think had I found out I would have used it to to remove the thief from the gene pool.

 I replaced it with a Uncle Henry lockback and man was I disappointed. When I changed jobs that knife went strait to the unused knife drawer and stayed there until I found this website.

  As to the other two OldTimers that I have one is a 1940T and it is a from the folks at Taylor. I was a bit concerned that it being made in China that the quality would be much less that when the OldTimers were made by Schrade.  Well no fears there. I would not be afraid to depend on that 1940T if I had to. A very well made knife.

   The other OldTimer that I have is a 770T and this knife you can tell has had a life of being used... not abused. The main blade has been sharpened so many times over the years that it is about half as wide as it once was. The secondary blade is missing about 1/2 an inch off of it and it was sharpened to a somewhat point but still workable.This knife still will hold an edge that will cut with ease.

  There are two Case knives in my collection also. Although Case is not one of my favorite brands. I would not turn one down. One is a Case that I bought in around 1983. I carried it for maybe a year and during that time I broke the very tip of the sheeps foot blade and in to not used knife drawer it went.

  The other case that I have is a Case XX USA made some where between 1965-1969. It has been well used as the main blade is worn down to about less than half its width from being sharpened. That tells me it was a working knife for many years. However the other two blades are broken and that looks to be far more recent. A darn shame as far as I'm concerned.

  The OldTimer and the case both show years service to their previous owners. As a knife what more could  you ask for than to be of service and well taken care of.

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That gunstock trapper is a good knife, Wally.
Its hard for collectors to see broken knives, but we have to realize that they're tools, and as such are often used for tasks they weren't intended.
I'm pretty sure that there's more than a few of us with a knife with a broken blade that still sees use.

Hi J.J.

  Thank you for your reply. I do agree that knives are tools to be used. If a job I was doing required the use of a good knife.... no problem. The Case gunstock trapper served me well until it was no longer needed for the job I was doing. I broke the tip on the sheep's foot blade trying to use for what else a screw driver and I knew better.

I like knives and therefore the collection that I have. Most were purchased at estate sales and yard sales as I was always looking in the box marked Misc or make offer. For me those were like a grab bag cause you never knew what you were gonna get.

The number of knives that I purchased new numbers far less than ten and all were folding knives except a Maxum fixed blade that I loaned a neighbor 10.00 on and of course he never came back to get it. I like my small collection and am looking forward to adding more to it.

                            Have Good Day

I always take time to sift through the "junk" bins when we hit a knife show. Hidden treasure awaits.


The fun of the chase is a great part of collecting.  Checking out the "junk" boxes at estate sales is a really good way to find that sunday go to meeting knife or that cherished and well kept hunting knife!

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