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Hello All,

I have recently inherited some items from my Uncle Joe who recently passed. I have been searching the internet for this knife but can't find another like it.  Its  a small pocket knife that slides, you can faintly see made in the USA and some sort of circle next to it, I imagine a logo was once there but nothing remains.

I am hoping to learn what this is and who made these.  Just a cool conversation piece.

I tested it for bakelite. No go, It is I am guessing some for of earlier plastic.  My uncle was born in 1933.. Not sure if it was my Grandpas before he passed in 1955.  Any help or direction pointing of where to look would be greatly appreciated. 

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Ive Resized the pics... newbie here.. ugh!


Thanks Pauline!  Can you tell us if there are any markings?

I remember my grand mother had one like this.  

If you search eBay for sliding knife you can find some.  Couldn't find any information on who may have made them, other than "Made in USA".   Looks like most they had we're advertising knives, also.

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