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Measures that may be brought in later in the year mean that although we will be able to buy knives online they will need to be collected from the retailer personally?

Now I haven't bought a knife from Greg at TSA for a while mostly because I have been spending my money on straight razors. Also, the £ has dropped 20% since Brexit was announced which makes purchases from the States just too expensive with shipping and taxes.

This proposed legislation, however, means that I would have to travel to Detroit Lakes, so that Greg could check that I am over 18, and pick up my purchases in person. That could make the next GEC rather too much trouble, I guess that is the point!


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I think we in the US, tend to worry about the loss of liberty's in other nations as we worry about our own.  I can see Manx's point on not every nation feeling the same as we do about the liberty's.  The UK, sharing as close to the same views on life as we do, makes it that much harder to see them lose anything.  We tend to see ourselves in the same situations.

Disarming any country is hard for us to see because we do have the hind site to see how that contributed to a madman  being able to control enough nations to cause harm to many more. I personally think that is a lesson the world learned and at least in our lifetimes it wont happen again.

We also have the ability to watch what happens to a countries rights when you begin to let them go and that scares a good many of us.  We are not willing to give up any and open the door to losing more.  Having Knife Rights and AKTI is the difference I think. We support those that fight hard to retain what freedoms we have.

Another of the freedoms we enjoy and so do our UK family, the freedom of speech and the right to have differing opinions without being looked down on for them.

ok, enough of the derailment LOL.


thank you for clarifying what those phrases mean to you all.  I honestly thought along the same lines as Charles.  So much for us speaking the same English language LOL.

Didn't someone say our two countries were divided by a common language Jan? Just Googled it, George Bernard Shaw I believe.

Personally, I have a lot of sympathy with the opinion that I see from people in the States, I would at least like the choice of whether or not to be able to defend myself with a weapon.

However, it is obvious that most of my fellow countrymen do not feel the same way. Most people here hark back to a time when the police were completely unarmed and have no wish to see members of the public carrying firearms. This is just a fact and rightly or wrongly it is not going to change any time soon. The amount of anti-knife and gun feeling among the general public would surprise you, I believe.

I can claim no great knowledge about the US having visited the country only briefly. However, one major difference that I have noticed is the use of the word freedom, it is a very common word amongst your citizens and almost unused over here. I don't want to make too much of one word but it is something that I have noticed over the last few years as I have met online so many people from the States.

Once again I must state that I am implying no criticism of anyone's belief system but merely trying to explain as best I can how things differ.

This major difference in the way that this country looks at knives as weapons is why I believe that we will see less and less tolerance of those few of us who like to carry a knife. 

Yeah, I knew it was an oops when I posted. Won't make that mistake again. :)

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