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I recently bought a Lansky basic knife sharpening kit as it has the three hones that I would need. Several of the kitchen and a hunting knife have chips in the cutting edge of the blade. 

 Following the instructions that came with the kit I was able to get most all the kitchen knives back to a very decent edge getting them to a 20 degree angle.

 The hunting knife is a bit more of a challenge. As a couple of the chips in the blade are pretty bad. So after using the hones that came with the kit I figured that I needed a better set of hones. So I ordered a set of the Diamond hones from Lansky. These were what I needed and the blade soon had a nice edge back on it with no chips in it.

  I sharpened it at a 25 degree angle and I figured that would be ok for what I would use it for. It gets used as a kitchen knife and the problem is that it does not maintain a decent edge much to my dismay. 

 I've read up on different sharping styles and I thought I might try using a beveled edge on it. Still using the 25 degree angle then making the cutting edge a 30 degree. I'm not sure if I'd be helping it or doing worse by using a beveled edge on it.

  Thee knife is a Maxam ......... not the China made one. The one I have is the Japan made one and it says Special 420 stainless on the blade. I loaned a guy 10bucks on it close to 20+ years ago and he never came back after it.

 Its actully been a fairly decent knife as I used it for about everything, so it has been seriously abused and a couple of times it has bit back (ouch!) stitching time....... lol.

  So will putting a beveled edge on it be a good or bad idea or should I sharpen it to a 30 degree angle and use it that way?

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Hey Wally...

I assume you are talking 30 degrees per side. I wouldn't go any more than 25 per side for an EDC knife.Never really saw the need for micro bevelling myself. I just do a single. 420 should be pretty easy to sharpen. Are you making sure you are getting a burr all the way down one side before hitting the other side? 420 isn't the best steel around, although some companies have made it work with a superior heat treat. Your knife may not have the best heat treat, maybe? It happens sometimes. Hard to say without being there and seeing the knife or trying to sharpen it myself...lol.

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