When we talk about going to knife shows, many times I hear...I don't have one close by, I would have to drive a couple hours and go spend the night somewhere.  The other thing I hear is, is this show worth going to?

Let me talk a little about both those aspects.  For me, a knife show IS a destination.  Yes I have to travel, I have been known to spend 2 days on the road for 2 days of shows.  That may be a bit on the extreme side for some of you LOL.

Lets just take a look at the Knife Road Show we just went to.  We met members, saw old friends and met new of both.  I went hands on with 2 new knives I have been looking at online and I learned about a company I did not even know I had a big desire to learn more about.

When you look at a list of vendors going to a show, are you only looking at the manufactures or does it also strike you that the knowledge in that room will be more than you can resist?  Lets take a quick walk through this one

Between just these 2 gentleman there are over 11 books dedicated to knives and darn close to 100 years of knife knowledge.

Below is Tommy Clark, the buyer for Blue Ridge Knives.  Tommy has been the collection buyer for 30 years.  Raised on a farm in east Tennessee and developed a love for knives at the age of eight. Tommy would take the money he made working in hay and tobacco and buy knives at the local flea markets and gun shows. He was literally hooked on knives and was setting up and selling knives at these same shows and markets throughout my teenage years.  In 1981, he was able to turn passion into profession when offered a job by Phil Martin who is the owner of Blue Ridge Knives.

David Clark, hooked on knives in elementary school, David took one of the first tours of the Schatt & Morgan factory.  There he met Mr Fred Fisher, the most knowledgeable collector of Queen cutlery.  That just fueled the fire, His education of antique cutlery and cutlery manufacturing continued with

many discussions with Joe and Betty Dial of Alabama, who were collectors of Queen Cutlery
for many years; and with Pete Cohan, Jim Sargent, Mark Zalesky and Bruce Voyles.

And speaking of Mark Zalesky,

 what he doesnt know  

 about knives, he can send you

to the right person for the answer.

As for knowledge, you can usually find more than you will ever need at a knife show.  Some of the dealers themselves have been on the buying/selling knife circuit so much that they can answer most anything or point out someone in the room that can.  One of my favorite TV characters has a motto...GO, LEARN THINGS!   That about says it all for me.  In another article this week I will be sharing what I learned about a company I didn't even know I wanted to learn more about.

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So know that we have decided show knowledge is awesome, lets look at some more aspects of any knife show.  Meeting folks that share your interest

This is after setup as folks are coming in, JJ and his daughter drove in to see us and the show (probably not in that order LOL) Custom makers are always among those hanging out 

Danny and Tracey Reed came in from IL. 

And OH the knives and collectibles you will see!



I have about 40 more pics to share so I will be back in just a short time :)

Looks like a blast!!

Thanks for posting the pics, Jan.  Kaylin was too busy getting her wallet out to take many on Saturday.

The Dalton show is a true destination for us.  It's roughly 5 hours, one way, but it's worth the trip.

Jan will cover the show, with special nods to our sponsors, I'm sure, but in talking with some of them, that recognize us from other shows they seem concerned about the dwindling interest among collectors.

The venues are raising prices so that the local clubs are hard pressed to find acceptable locations.  Last year, the Palmetto show had to change venues and this year the Tarheel show will move.  Not only move the location, but had to schedule the show almost 2 months earlier than normal.

Don't let the drive deter you.  We may be doing the 200+ mile trip to the NC show, next weekend.

A true KNIFE show is fun.   They are a great way to visit fellow Collectors and check out lots of different patterns.

The gun and knife shows seem to only have knives as a second opinion and are much more crowded.

LOL, poor Kaylin!  She took this just as we saw her starting to take it.  There we were glaring at her

One of my all time favorites at a show is when a youngster gets a knife.  This you man went to the Queen table and came away with his new favorite 

By the way he hit the jackpot that day.  Roger Cunningham also gifted him a white bone Dr's knife and told him the reason he has to give a coin when he receives a knife.  He told me next year he will come prepared with coins and not have to ask his grandpa for them

A fav for me

Very very nice pic. I commented to JJ ..oh, I think the day before the show.. that meeting iKC members & attaching a face to a name would be a favorite activity of attending shows for me these days. Has to be pretty cool.

Jan Carter said:

A fav for me

Thanks for sharing Jan and JJ. Looks like y'all had a good time.


It is an awesome experience for me.  I have met many of our members at one show or another and I look forward to seeing some at every show now

That's one of the reasons I wear my iKC hat. Members know what it is.

Folks that don't, I'll try to recruit...

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