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 Is it the way it fits your hand when you use it or is it because you trust it to do the job when needed. Maybe its the way it looks (blade or frame configuration). There are many reasons that people carry a knife every day.

  So I'm curious. I really don't carry a knife anymore. The last one I used for a edc and I still have it, is a Buck 703. 

So what are the reasons you carry a particular style/type knife. Pics would be nice also. 

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!!! .. Thank you for the kind words, Rick .. !!!


Re: A.G.'s med lockback barlow .. I have not seen it in at least the last 2 .. maybe 3 .. of his last catalogs. As such .. I believe it is either "out of stock" ..or.. "out of production". I'm hoping simply ..momentarily.. "out of stock". I believe you will find it the "workhorse" I have found it to be. While the blade steel is not D2 .. I'm certain you will find it takes & holds a keen edge. Based on my experience of it being an active EDC for ~ 3 yrs for me now .. you will find it a "good purchase".


!!! .. Thank you for the kind words, Rick .. !!!



D ale

Rick Perry said:

I must admit, I agreed with just about everything D ale said about what makes a good EDC.  Slight changes in size, weight , blade length etc.  are very noticeable in use, as well as in pocket-ability.  I have several pocket knives that are only a trifle bit bigger, smaller or heavier,  those small differences often keep me from picking it up for a day's use.  The ideal EDC for me is a very personal choice depending on where I will be, and what I will be doing that day.  Until recently, my Trestle Pine Portage has been my EDC of choice.  I like the weight, size, blade, and it exudes 'My Grandfather's Knife' image which is non threatening when brought out in public. 

    For a long time I carried a Case stockman but now I carry an inexpensive Rite Edge stockman which does anything the Case did. I hardly ever use it unless I am cutting up little pieces of candy for my little Chijuajua pup or whittling .. My wife is always asking why I use a cheap knife instead of one of the hundreds in my collection. I guess if I were still working or hunting I would carry a bigger folding hunter but most of the time I ain't doin nuthin to need anything else.

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