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So you decide to make a knife, what do you name your company, does it matter?  Well it does if you are Ken Mundenk and Roger Cunningham.  An unlikely pair, Roger in an old knife with history kinda guy and Ken just loves sharp objects with quality.  So after some research, they settle on  Maher & Grosh.  We will talk more about the name choice later, for those that did not know this grand old company.

This weekend is the first opportunity for me to be hands on with first  Maher & Grosh produced by these two.  I was able to put the newest side by side with  it's older brother, produced by Utica knife company for M & G over 50 years ago.  Being true to every detail means honoring the name they had chosen and the tradition of quality it stands for.

Youcan see, side by side these knives are almost twins. So many things I missed about this knife, only seeing it online. First it is BIG. A handfull that opens and closes so smooth you almost forget the size. M&G was never a manufacture, they were jobbed out to the best companies of their time...Utica, New York Knife Company, Queen, Schrade Walden and more. The newly formed M & G has followed in those footsteps buy choosing some of the greats of our time to be their manufactures.
Every detail was looked at and incorporatd. The shield, it's size, placement and attachment. Pinned in place. The materials chosen, ebony and jigged bone, authentic! The packaging with a bookmark, a detail many would have overlooked.

It is so true to the original, they hsd to build in fraud protection so no one could modify it and sell as a vibtage model. On this knife the back tang is stamped OVC (Ohio Valley cutlery). This is what happens when dealers are collectors also, they think like a little of both.

Being USA made was impotant to this duo also. Let me assure you, i asked! From the steel to the boxes, this knife is USA built and proud of it.
All in all I was impressed with the concept, design and build quality. There is history here. It is being both honored and being made. Put your hands on one, I am sure it will impress you also.

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  The Swell Center Jack (Coke Bottle) made with Ebony handles was very popular.  Often found with missing bails---the wire loop on the end- often manufactured with only one blade.  I was recently offered an old Miller Coke Bottle for $1200; a one blade antique Miller would be in the range of $300 to $400.  The Maher & Grosh Coke Bottle is a version of the upscale knife.

   The Coke Bottle also has very strong springs and care must be used when opening and closing.  You know it is meant for tough use.This would be a great user knife in hunting today. 

Informative to see these side by side.  I've seen some ads for M&G, did not know the back story.  Thanks!

Thanks for the "hands on" review, Jan.
Enjoy the show.
D ale

What a great job the guy's have done with this knife !

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