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When we're first getting started into buying knives, whether to use or collect, it can be a trial and error kind of thing. Let's help each other out here and save us all some heart-ache and $$ by sharing the best places to buy knives.

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I bought from that site (gpknives.com). It has pretty good service.

have bought knives from friends, family, co-workers,swap meets, flea markets,knife shows, gun shows..local knife dealers

I buy most at flea markets. Then there is ebay. I trade for a few at work. Lot of knife guys there. We head up to Shepard of the hills cutlery about 2 or 3 times a year.

I think I like the flea markets the best. Its all in the hunt.

When I'm working I buy wherever I find what I'm looking for at a competitive price. Lately though I use estate and garage sales to find some neat bargains. eBay has also yielded some good deals. Sometimes you score big if someone is sleeping at the bidding switch or you learn how to be a good sniper.

I have had the most success at sporting good stores, mega marts and the local flea market. Marginal success at pawnshops and the antique malls. Bought two through Amazon and was happy with service both times.


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