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Updated Buck Date Code Chart

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Show Us a Buck Knife photo

Started by John Burton. Last reply by Syd Carr May 3. 75 Replies

Hi all, Thought I'd start a new thread asking folks to show a Buck knife photo or two. I like just about anything made by Buck. But, am drawn to the Gold etch art knives and love stag handles.Buck…Continue

The Buck Custom Shop

Started by John. Last reply by John Apr 28. 7 Replies

Is working on more than just the 110 now. I am waiting for a 112FG with walnut scales and a S30V blade.FYI all.Continue

Favorite 300.

Started by johnny twoshoes. Last reply by David L. Packham Apr 23. 9 Replies

Buck's 300 series has touched the hearts of many, it's tainted the memories of many a work day, and even a few fine days a field. There's something about those rugged slipjoints that gets to me, I…Continue

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Comment by Syd Carr yesterday

I've gotten pretty good at searching out feebay listings that don't get noticed, and/or are poorly listed and therefore not noticed by most, and here is a fine example of that. Yet another Camillus-made Buck joins the family, a 307 Wrangler, and also a US-made single blade lockback model 450 "Prodigy". I still have to go through 300buck's data to determine the exact origins and date of manufacture of the 307, but I'm reasonably sure this one is Camillus-made. This was one of my better recent finds on the bay, and I got them both from the same listing for $17.06 shipped. Bidding on this one was of course an educated guess, but I am relatively experienced with bay, and this one turned out really well I think.

Both have obviously been used, and the 307 shows normal wear of the handles & has a few light scratches on the blades, but both have tight, sharp blades, (neither needs sharpening), and both walk & talk like a US-made Buck should.

So, the quest for one of each of the US-made Buck 300 series continues, and I got a cool tactical ta boot. I'm also waiting for a 1970's 301 to arrive, and that one I got stupidly cheap, (if it is as described, another listing that fell through the cracks so to speak, I'm good at finding those), but I'll wait til I see that one to crow about it. In the meantime I'll crow about these two, I'm thrilled to have them, I think I got a great deal!

Comment by Tobias Gibson on Monday

I recently picked up a Buck Clearwater Bait Knife of Amazon.   When it arrived things just didn't seem right. I haven't bought many Buck Knives and the last fixed blade was almost 8 years ago.   but I found it odd that the knife was snapped in the sheath and   tossed in the yellow Buck box.  There  was absolutely no packaging whatsoever.  It was just rattling around in the box.   When I pulled the knife from the scabbard the blade was covered in a light oil.  When I wiped off the oil, the blade appeared to have some kind of black crud on it.    On closer inspection, the blade tip didn't quite look like the one I've seen in the photos.

I bought it from a reputable dealer and when I pointed out the my suspicions they gave a full refund.  And told me to keep the knife.   But as I look at the tip of the blade, if it was re-profiled, it was done by a pro. And the knife is rock-sold and sharp as a razor.    I'm wondering now if the tip is the way Buck is making them like this now and while the knife had been a return it was otherwise just fine.  I' wondering if I jumped the gun on my complaint, at least about the blade tip.

If the tip looked this much different when you received it, and if you had never seen one in person would you have complained?

And if you plan on using it anyway would you bother buying another one right away or wait and see how this one does?

Comment by Syd Carr on May 14, 2015 at 17:14

Here is a pdf of the raw data I have received so far from 300bucks on AAPK. He is working on a complete spreadsheet with all of Buck guru Charles Toft's historical info on the series. Add this to the dating contained in the scans below and you have a pretty complete history of the Buck 300 series knives up to the mid 90's.

For some reason my thread on AAPK became the dumping ground for this data, but I'm glad it did Buck%20300%20Series%20history%20by%20300%20Bucks%20unedited.pdf.

Comment by Syd Carr on May 13, 2015 at 18:28

300Bucks has added scans of a spreadsheet he has regarding 300 series Bucks in my AAPK thread, it is several pages long, so I won't take up space here by posting the jpg's, (unless you want me to). Apparently AAPK won't allow uploads of pdf or Excel files, so all he could think of was to upload jpg scans. If you add them to the handwritten scans I posted below, you then have an unprecedented, concise chronological history of the Buck 300 series, with all the pertinent info you could ever want regarding that particular series of vintage Buck knives.

if you can't get to my thread to see the files, send me a PM and I will send them to you. They are an invaluable research tool IMHO.

Comment by Syd Carr on May 12, 2015 at 20:18

Sorry they are out of order, still struggling with the editor here a bit, but yes, it is an amazing document isn't it? I was flabbergasted when he posted it, and recognized it's value to the entire knife collecting community. Never doubt the resolve of a fanatic.

Comment by Jan Carter on May 12, 2015 at 20:02


Thank you.  That information is priceless!

Comment by Syd Carr on May 12, 2015 at 19:41

Oops, missed a page, here is page 4.

Comment by Syd Carr on May 12, 2015 at 19:39

I was over on AAPK, asking 300bucks a question about my Camillus-made Buck 311 Slimline Trapper, and he came back with quite an answer for me. He posted a hand written list of ALL 300 series Bucks that were made by other US companies, who made them, how long & how many versions were created, etc, etc. Myself and several other who saw the document were amazed at the amount of work he put into the list, and he told us he was going to post a spreadsheet with ALL of his Buck research eventually; can't wait to see that. Of course, when he does I'll post it here. Meanwhile I'll post the jpg scans he posted on AAPK here so we can all take advantage of this great historical resource.

Comment by Mike West on May 10, 2015 at 6:35


That is a nice looking knife. Made in China takes the edge off for me, but as a "user", I would still consider it.

Comment by Tobias Gibson on May 10, 2015 at 5:16

This s another Buck, also from China but definitely a Buck.  its an SFO of SMKW.  Its the 2015  Bill Lowen/SMKW fish knife that is contracted through Buck.

Specifications from the SMKW website

Buck  #BU10238

·Stainless steel blades
·Blue smooth bone handle
·Locking master blade
·Nickel silver bolsters
·Brass pins and liners
·Bass shield and custom fish hook bail designed by Brian Wilhoite
·4" Modified clip point blade with signature etch
·4" finely serrated scaler
·Blade widths: 5/8", 5/8"
·Blade thicknesses: 1/8"
·5" closed length
·Made in China


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